Hot Water Temperature Heating – Thermon HSX Heating Cables

Hot Water Temperature Heating - Thermon HSX Heating Cables

Thermon HSX Heat Trace Cables – Trace Heating

Thermon HSX self-regulating heat tracing cables provide hot water temperature maintenance to pipework ensuring instant hot water discharge to the point of use.

Thermon HSX Heat Tracing Cables

Hot Water Temperature Heating


Thermon HSX hot water trace heating cable maintenance temperatures – 41ºC, 49ºC and 60ºC.

  • Nominal Supply Voltage : 208v
  • Maximum Continuous Exposure Temperature : Power On: 65ºC, Power Off 85° Celsius
  • Circuit Protection : 30mA ground fault protection required
  • Minimum Cable Bend Radius : At -15ºC 10mm ; at -60ºC 32mm

Thermon HSX self-regulating hot water trace heating cables increase power output as temperatures falls to provide guaranteed hot water temperature maintenance of pipework.

Heat tracing systems for hot water temperature maintenance

  • Reduce Installation Costs – no return leg of water pipework or thermal insulation required – less materials, less labour
  • No Pipe Balancing – single pipe heat tracing system without the return of a recirculating hot-water system
  • Space Savings – reduced hot water distribution pipework provides extra room in service ducts
  • Prevent Legionella Infection – heat tracing cables comply with CIBSE TM13, HS(G)70 HN(90)12
  • Remove Deadlegs – heat tracing cables are taken to the point of water use/discharge for additional health protection
  • Remedial Uses – combine with recirculation system or point of use heaters
  • Lower Running Costs – self-regulating heating cables require power only where needed
  • Instant Hot Water – no waiting for cold water to run hot
  • Water Saving – no running-off cold water, energy efficient hot water distribution
Hot Water Trace Heating

Hot Water Trace Heating: electric heat tracing cables deliver hot water temperature maintenance for domestic hot water supply pipes in commercial and residential buildings.

Installing Hot Water Heat Trace Systems

A complete electric heat tracing system for hot water temperature maintenance will typically include the following Thermon components:

Hot Water Trace Heating

System Overview

1. HSX self-regulating hot water heating cable

2. PowerSnap1 or PCA-COM power connection kit to terminate HSX heating cable

3. TeeSnap or PCS-COM allows three heating cables to be spliced together

4. SpliceSnap or PCS-COM allows two heating cables to be spliced together.

5. ET-6 cable end termination. Each PowerSnap1 and TeeSnap includes two ET-6 terminations.

6. FT-1 Attachment tape secures cable to pipe; use on 300 mm (12″) intervals.

7.  CL “Electric Heat Tracing” label peel and stick to insulation vapor barrier on a 3m (10′) interval or as require by code or specification.

8. Fiberglass thermal insulation and vapor barrier.

Thermon HSX Heat Tracing Cables

Thermon video providing an overview of best practices for installing heat trace cables to both industrial and hazardous area location pipework. Video covers heat trace cable selection, testing, inspection and pipework preparation prior to installing cables to pipes, valves, flanges and un-insulated pipe supports.


Hot Water Temperature Heating - Thermon HSX Heating Cables

Hot Water Pipework Trace Heating Cable


Thermon heating cables provide temperature maintenance and frost protection to pipework and mechanical services in all industries – typical applications include heating process pipework, instrument lines and storage tanks to maintain viscosity or prevent frost damage as an integral work-task of plant Winterisation.

Thermon HSX Heat Tracing Cables


Thermon RGS Heat Tracing Cables

The safety and performance of the heat tracing cable and system depends overall on how the system was designed, installed and maintained. Improper handling, installation or maintenance of the system could result in underheating or overheating of the water or damage to the heating cable – contact T&D for advice about hot water heating using trace heating cables.

Trace Heating

Trace Heating: Keeping Roofs, Gutters, Ramps, Pipes & Tanks Protected Against Frost, Snow & Ice

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