Eltherm ELSR-Ramp Heater Cable – Ramp Heating Cable

Eltherm ELSR-N Heater Cable

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Eltherm ELSR-Ramp Heater Cables – Trace Heating

Eltherm ELSR-Ramp self-regulating trace heating cables provide process temperature maintenance and frost protection to open space heaters and ramps. ELSR-Ramp heater cable can also be used for parking garages entrances and exits, helicopter landing sites, stairs and footpaths.


Eltherm ELSR-Ramp Heater Cable wattages per metre at 10°C – 50 watts (110 Watts per metre in concrete at 5ºC.)

  • Nominal Supply Voltage : 230v
  • Maximum Exposure Temperature : Power off 100°C, power on 80°C
  • Minimum Installation Temperature : -20° Celsius
  • Minimum Heater Cable Bend Radius : 50mm
  • Heater Cable Outer Jacket: TPE
  • Bus Wire: Nickel plated copper
  • Dimensions Approx: 17.2mm x 9.5mm
  • Weight Approx (g/m): 253
Eltherm ELSR-Ramp Heater Cable : Frost Protection & Process Temperature Maintenance for Ramps

Eltherm ELSR-Ramp Heater Cable : Frost Protection & Process Temperature Maintenance for Ramps

Trace Heating Cable Heating Circuit Length Table – Eltherm ELSR-Ramp

Contact T&D for technical guidance, heat loss calculations for pipework systems and optimum specification of the correct trace heater cable for your application.

Switch On Temperature Nominal Cutout Value (A) Heating Circuit Length (m) for ELSR-Ramp
-10ºC 10 18
-10ºC 16 28
-10ºC 20 36
-10ºC 25 45
-10ºC 32 55


Trace Heating

Eltherm ELSR-Ramp – Applications

  • Parking garages entrances and exits
  • Helicopter landing sites
  • Concrete ramps
  • Stairs and footpaths


Eltherm video providing a step-by-step termination of ELSR-N heater cable using a EL-ECN termination kit.

Eltherm heating cables provide temperature maintenance and frost protection to pipework and mechanical services in all industries – typical applications include heating process pipework, instrument lines and storage tanks to maintain viscosity or prevent frost damage as an integral work-task of plant Winterisation.

Eltherm cables utilise cold-applied installation components to complete the trace heating system – no requirement for “hot-working” permit applications in potentially explosive atmospheres, including Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Eltherm ELSR-Ramp Heater Cable

T&D provide value-added specification and design services for both onshore and offshore process heating of pipework, tanks and vessels using trace heating cables and systems. Image : Abtech.


Trace heating cables provide frost protection for operations and safety purposes in both safe and hazardous areas : loading and unloading pipelines, gas vapour return lines, fire protection lines, strip and cleaning pipelines, fuel oil lines, storage tanks and vessels, deck and tank cleaning lines, engine room fuel and drip lines, cross-over lines, manifolds and safety showers.

Anti-icing or de-icing of escape passages, walkways, staircases and handrails. Water pipe freeze protection is critical for production and process water pipes, fresh/potable and waste water piping and piping used for offshore fire protection systems.

Offshore Trace Heating

Offshore Trace Heating


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