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Eltherm constant wattage trace heating cable

Constant Wattage Cables

Eltherm constant wattage cables are particularly suited to applications that require temperature maintenance of up to +150°C. In addition the great flexibility down to -70°C temperature means this cable is ideal for applications in the refrigeration industry.

The constant wattage heating cable consists of a number of heating zones and can be cut to length in sections of the contact distance to the required length. When cutting into lengths, the heating cable circuit will be interrupted up to the next contact point which can be used as a cold lead.

Typical heating applications include vessels, piping, valves, frost protection and temperature maintenance in both safe and hazardous areas. With over 30 years experience, T&D can help specify the correct product for your trace heating requirements.

Eltherm Heat Trace Cable Constant Wattage

Product Benefits

Eltherm heat tracing cable can be cut off the the roll from the cable drum and can be supplied with a single end connection. In addition, the heat trace cable is highly flexible and provides a constant power output per meter.

Heating cables can be laid without exact measurements and have high chemical and UV resistance from the temperature resistant outer shell which also provides excellent product longevity.

In addition, the heat tracing cables are resistant to moisture and easy to assemble making them ideal for many applications and installations – it is recommended to install the cable along with a temperature control and monitoring system.

Eltherm Constant Wattage Trace Heating Cable For Hazardous Areas

Hazardous area trace heating is suitable for installations in Zone 1 and Zone 2 rated hazardous areas.

Hazardous area constant watt trace heating

Hazardous Area Constant Watt Trace Heating

Eltherm Constant Watt Trace Heating Cable For Winterisation

Winterisation and preparation for cold weather is a key consideration for many companies and can be the difference between plant downtime and un-interrupted production.

Winterisation should always be considered before temperatures begin to drop during the Winter months as it can often be too late and damage to pipes and equipment can already be done if it is left until the last minute.

There are many options available from T&D for plant winterisation preparation including self-regulating and constant watt trace heating cable. These can prevent many incidents from occurring including burst pipes, blocked drains, damage caused by snow build up and pneumatic controls being affected among other dangers.

Eltherm Constant Watt Trace Heating Cable – Product Range

The range of constant wattage trace heating cables from Eltherm are available for application temperatures ranging from 260°C to 900°C.

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➡ T&D are the largest UK stockist of Eltherm trace heating cables and products and we can deliver a wide range of heating products to meet most requirements. Contact our trace heating department today for product specification and installation details. For frost protection and temperature maintenance of industrial and hazardous area location gas being transferred by hose refer to heated hoses.

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