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Craig & Derricott Isolators

IECEx & ATEX Certified Isolators for Explosive Atmospheres

Craig & Derricott isolators and control stations are certified by ATEX & IECEx for Zone 1 (21) and Zone 2 (22) hazardous areas – the range of i-switch isolators are suitable for Ex d (flameproof) and Ex e (increased safety) applications and the i-push control stations are certified for Zone 22 potentially explosive dust atmospheres.

Craig & Derricott has been at the cutting edge of Explosion Proof Switchgear design and manufacture for more than 70 years focussing solely on the design specifications of the installer. This led to the development of the i-switch and i-push product range suitable for hazardous areas offering simple installation, enhanced safety and effectiveness for LV electrical isolation.

Complete range of fire rated isolators are available to provide electrical isolation and protection to building services in the event of a fire.

  • Ex d Hazardous Area Zone 1 & Zone 2 Flameproof Isolators ATEX Certified (IECEx) – Explosive Gas Atmospheres
  • Ex e Hazardous Area Zone 1 & Zone 2 Increased Safety Isolators ATEX Certified (IECEx) – Explosive Gas Atmospheres
  • ATEX Category 3D non-conductive dust Zone 22 Control Stations – Explosive Dust  Atmospheres
  • Bespoke Control Stations for hazardous areas
Fire Rated Isolators

Fire Rated Isolators | Resistant to Fire up to 400 Degrees Celsius 120 Minutes – isolators (switch disconnectors) are installed throughout industrial, building services and HVAC (ventilation fans) projects providing excellent switching ability even under fire conditions.

ATEX Isolators

Explosion Proof Isolators | Gas & Dust Atmospheres

ATEX Certified Zone 1 & Zone 2 Isolators – a range of 25A – 180A explosion proof isolators supplied in Exe enclosures manufactured from IP65 glass reinforced polyester to ensure the product will withstand being installed in hazardous area locations and the harshest of industrial environments. Safe Isolation – the operating handles can be padlocked in the ‘Off’ position and all lids are mechanically interlocked with the isolating switch and are removable in the ‘On’ position only.


The i-switch range of isolators for safe installation protect and maintain low voltage power distribution in hazardous area locations – Ex d and Ex e protection are available with current ratings 16A-250A housed in either cast iron or cast aluminium enclosures.

The i-push range of hazardous area control stations are ATEX certified (Group II) for safe use in Zone 22 potentially explosive atmospheres. Control stations can incorporate single or double push buttons, emergency push button and emergency stop start options – hazardous area “stop starts” are manufactured from die-cast aluminium with emergency stop and start contacts configured to client specification.

Craig & Derricott is dedicated to a continued program of investment and growth with recent significant recruitment across the business in Engineering, Sales and Manufacturing.

Explosion Proof Isolators

Zone 1 & zone 2 

Isolator Rating (Amps) Explosion Proof  Format Handle Colour Craig & Derricott Cat No Optional Brass Earthing Plate  Enclosure Size
25A Exd 3P+Aux Red/Yellow EXZ1SDR02530 EXEP0253 A
4P+Aux Red/Yellow EXZ1SDR02540 EXEP0254
40A Exd 3P+Aux Red/Yellow EXZ1SDR04030 EXEP0403 B
4P+Aux Red/Yellow EXZ1SDR04040 EXEP0404
80A Exd 3P+Aux Red/Yellow EXZ1SDR08030 EXEP0803 C
4P+Aux Red/Yellow EXZ1SDR08040 EXEP0804
180A Exd 3P+Aux Red/Yellow EXZ1SDR18030 EXEP1803 D
4P+Aux Red/Yellow EXZ1SDR18040 EXEP1804
Isolators ATEX Hazardous Area Zone 1 Zone 2

Pictured: Zone 1 & Zone 2 Isolators with 25A-180A current rating, GRP enclosures for explosion proof isolation of LV power in explosive / flammable gas hazardous areas. Explosion Proof ATEX & IECEx Certified.

Zone 21 & Zone 22

Isolator Rating (Amps) Format Craig & Derricott Cat No Enclosure Size Enclosure Material IP Rating Supplied Bottom Entries
20A 6P+2/EB SDDG206EBZ22 A22 Die-Cast Aluminium IP65 1 x M20 top + 2x M20 bottom
25A 3P+2/EB SDDG253EBZ22 A22 Die-Cast Aluminium IP65 1 x M20 top + 2x M20 bottom
32A 3P+2/EB SDDG323EBZ22 A22 Die-Cast Aluminium IP65 1 x M20 top + 2x M20 bottom
6P+2/EB SDDG326EBZ22 B22 2 x M25 + 1 x M20 bottom
40A 3P+2/EB SDDG403EBZ22 B22 Die-Cast Aluminium IP65 2 x M25 + 1 x M20 bottom
6P+2/EB SDDG406EBZ22
63A 3P+2/EB SDDG633EBZ22 B22 Die-Cast Aluminium IP65 2 x M25 + 1 x M20 bottom
Isolators Zone 21 Zone 22 ATEX

Pictured: Zone 21 & Zone 22 Isolators with 20A-63A current rating, aluminium enclosures for explosion proof electrical isolation in explosive dust hazardous areas. Explosion Proof ATEX & IECEx Certified.

Ex d & EX E Hazardous Area Zone 1 & Zone 2 ATEX Certified

Hazardous area Ex d & Ex e isolators provide safe electrical isolation for low voltage power in Zone 1 & Zone 2 (gases) and Zone 21 & Zone 22 (dusts) environments. Craig & Derricott has been associated with the design and manufacture of Ex products for more than 30 years.

ATEX certified isolators with Ex d and Ex e protection are available with current ratings 16A-250A housed in either cast iron or cast aluminium enclosures. Flameproof Ex d isolators can be customised to accommodate specific cable entry requirements.

Hazardous Area Isolators Zone 1 Zone 2

Hazardous Area Isolators Zone 1 Zone 2

Craig & Derricott ATEX Group II (Zone 22) equipment can be used to help you comply with Health & Safety regulations and are used in applications such as:

  • Grain Mills
  • Powder Coating Plant
  • Textiles
  • Chemicals
  • Cargo Handling
  • Woodworking
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Waste Processing
About Craig & Derricott

Craig & Derricott was established in 1944 manufacturing control gear products with a reputation for engineering expertise, customer service and well proven products. Dedicated to increasing and improving product offering new additions and enhancements are introduced frequently. Craig & Derricott has been designing and manufacturing Hazardous Area equipment for more than 20 years.

Today’s products have been designed to meet International specifications for Zones 1 & Zone 2 (Explosive Gas Atmospheres) and with the increase in awareness for flammable dust environments Craig & Derricott have specific designs for Zone 22 (Explosive Dust Atmospheres).

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