Gas Bottle Heater (to 66°C) – Thermocoax Isopad IGB-G

Gas Bottle Heater (to 66°C) - Thermocoax Isopad IGB-G

Gas Bottle Heaters – Thermocoax Isopad IGB-G

Thermocoax Isopad IGB-G gas bottle heaters are designed to wrap around a gas bottle and heat the contents while insulating to keep the heat exactly where it needs to be and have been designed specifically to solve the issues associated with gas usage in cold climates such as gas separation, gas liquefaction and reduced capacity.

Waste associated with condensed gas can be reduced by heating gas cylinders. Gases known to benefit from this process are SF6, propane, nitrogen, oxygen, BCl3, WF6, and HF.

IGB-G gas bottle heaters are available for 40, 50 or 125 litre gas bottles each with a power output of 150W with a 240V power supply and are fixed with a hook and loop velcro fastening. The jackets are insulated with glass silk cloth and feature a grounded heating element.

T&D also offer a full range of IBC & Drum heating jackets and heaters.

Gas Bottle Heater (to 66°C) - Thermocoax Isopad IGB-G

IGB-G Gas Bottle Heater – Illustration

Gas Bottle Heater (to 66°C) – Thermocoax Isopad IGB-G – Technical Specification

Area Classification Nonhazardous, Ordinary Area
Ingress Protection IP51
Electrical Protection Class Class I
Maximum Withstand Temperature (Power Off) 66ºC
Outer Diameter 203, 229 or 381mm
Gas Bottle Sizes 40, 50 or 125 Litre
Heating Element Grounded
Material of Insulation Glass Silk Cloth (Sides 51mm, Top 13mm)
Material of Carrier Silicone Impregnated Glass-Silk
Fixation and Closure Type Hook and Loop Velcro Outer Sheath
Connection Length 3m
Insulation Material Silicone
Frequency 50-60Hz
Nominal Operating Voltage 240 Vac



Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Nominal Power (W) Nominal Voltage (VAC)
203 1219 150 240
229 1295 150 240
381 1092 150 240


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