Insulation Foam Type Silicone Heaters | Valves, Pumps, Flanges & Pipe Heating

Insulated Foam Silicone Heaters | Heatfast

Insulated Foam Silicone Heaters | Heatfast

Silicone Heaters

Heatfast insulation foam type silicone heaters provide high efficiency thermal insulation to help reduce heat loss from pipes, ‘T’ sections, flanges, valves and pumps.

Bespoke pieces to suit ‘T’ sections, flanges and valves are available as well as straight sections up to 1 metre in length, in standard sizes to suit pipe diameters from 38.1 mm (1.5”) to 152.4 mm (6”).

Silicone rubber products have a high resistance to UV light, oxidation, corona discharge, cosmic radiation, ozone and general weathering.

Typical applications for these silicone heaters include: frost protection, industrial catering, anti-condensation, GRP pipe curing systems, composite repair of aircraft, environmental control or electronics, heat loss prevention and temperature maintenance.

For complete heat tracing of complex mechanical services and pipework systems in both industrial and hazardous area locations we can provide a full range of heating cables and trace heating systems.

silicone heaters


  • Low water absorption and dust ingress protection
  • Temperature range -60°C – 230°C (250°C intermittent)
  • Flame retardant silicone
  • Energy savings averaging 63%
  • Easy installation of custom silicone heaters to complex applications
  • Supplied separate or bonded to the heater
  • Option – double sided adhesive
  • Bespoke shapes and sizes
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Trace Heating

Silicone Heaters | Heatfast

Silicone Heaters | Heatfast

silicone heaters


HeatFast Shaped Foam Silicone Heaters

A flame retardant cellular silicone foam construction with a glass reinforced silicone jacket, nickel plated buckle, eyelet and hook fixing for simple installation. Poppers can also be added.

Closed Cell Foam:
– Temperature range -60°C to 230°C
– Thermal conductivity 6.4×10¯²W.m¯¹.K¯¹
– Brittle point: -80°C
– Limiting Oxygen Index: 24.0%
– Radiation Resistance: >10⁵ Grays (10⁷ Rads) typical

Technical DataUnitsSpec LimitsTypical Value
Shore A


Tensile StrengthMpa
0.4 min
58 min
Elongation to Failure%15 max208



Silicone Heaters | Heatfast

Heatfast Silicone Heaters | Energy Consumption