Silicone Heating Blankets 230V with Digital Controller 0-90°C

230V Silicone Heating Blankets with Digital Controller 0-90°C

Silicone Heating Blankets 230V with Digital Controller 0-90°C

Silicone Heating Blankets

Silicone Heating Blankets are the ideal product when it comes to safety and effectively needing to heat elements to a certain temperature. The heating blankets makes it easy to heat up material including composite, carbon, epoxy prepreg and ensure a safe and uniform temperature distribution on the surface of the material.

This type of silicone heaters are suitable for numerous industries mainly the repair of wind turbine blades, repair and production of both the marine industry and the aerospace industry.

The heating blankets have the ability to heat up to 90°C using an adjustable digital controller 0-90°C (32-194°C) and are flexible, lightweight and durable in design. They have a 7mm insulation aiding heat retention and making the blanket suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

T&D are able to offer heating blankets in many standard sizes with different outputs which can be found in the below table. Custom size and/ or outputs are available on request.

Part Number Voltage & Power Consumption Size  Color
HF5W2(A)/A/700 230V / 700W 3000 x 500mm (118.1 x 19.7in) Green
HF5W2(B)/A/560 230V / 560W 2000 x 500mm (78.7 x 19.7in) Dark Blue
HF5W2(C)/A/270 230V / 270W 1000 x 500mm (39.4 x 19.7in) Dark Blue
HF5W2(D)/A/200 230V / 200W 600 x 600mm (23.6 x 23.6in) Dark Blue
HF5W2(E)/A/450 230V / 450W 1000 x 1000mm (39.4 x 39.4in) Yellow
HF5W2(F)/A/450 230V / 450W 1300 x 1300mm (51.2 x 51.2in) Dark Blue
HF5W2(G)/A/1200 230V / 1200W 2000 x 1000mm (78.7 x 39.4in) Dark Blue
HF5W2(H)/A/200 230V / 200W 700 x 1000 x 700mm (27.6 x 39 x 27.6in) Dark Blue
HF5W2(I)/A/450 230V / 450W 1200 x 800mm (47.2 x 31.5in) Dark Blue
HF5W2(J)/A/200 230V / 200W 1000 x 290mm (39.4 x 11.4in) Dark Blue
HF5W2(K)/A/200 230V / 200W 1500 x 290mm (59.1 x 11.8in) Dark Blue
HF5W2(L)/A/400 230V / 400W 3800 x 290mm (149.6 x 11.4in) Dark Blue
Part Numbers Explained

Part Numbers Explained


  • Curing composite materials.
  • Curing carbon.
  • Curing epoxy prepreg.
  • Curing processes in aerospace industry.
  • Curing processes in marine industry.
  • Wind turbine rotor blade repair.
  • Wind turbine rotor blade production.
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