Etch Foil Flexible Silicone Heaters

High Watts Density Heating.

2 Weeks Promise : Concept, Design, Delivery for Silicone Heaters from T&D.

T&D provide a comprehensive silicone heater design service – we apply silicone heating technology to provide customised heating solutions to applications requiring a flexible, lightweight and high temperature heater.

Silicone heaters can be produced to exact size and shape in mat or pad format providing rapid heat transfer and heat-up efficiency.

Silicone heater mats and pads can be manufactured with eyelets, straps, hooks or Velcro.

➡ View our complete range of silicone heaters (pads, mats and products) used to provide precise and flexible surface heating to complex applications. Controlled heating using silicone materials can be applied to pipes, flanges, valves and manufacturing processes to accelerate warm-up, heat-up and protect against frost. Also Kapton heaters are available variety of shapes, sizes and wattage with excellent resistance to chemicals.

SILICONE Heaters ​

Etch Foil Flexible Advantages

Computer designed, chemically etched foil tracks are laminated between thin sheets of silicone to give precise, even heating. Suitable for both low and high volume production, Etch Foil Silicone Heaters have rapid heat up properties with precise temperature control.

Suited to applications where high power densities are required, etch foil silicone heaters offer a more precise form of heating than their wire wound counterparts owing to wider heated tracks.

Etch Foil Flexible Silicone Heaters
  • Short lead time, fast delivery – UK and worldwide
  • Wire wound or etch foil silicone heaters in mat or pad design
  • Precise even surface heating for regular or irregular shapes
  • Custom design – heat loss calculations determine exact requirement
  • Flexible, lightweight and thin – space and weight reduced
  • UL & VDE approvals
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Temperature range -60°C to +230°C
Silicone Heaters - Etch Foil Flexible Silicone Heaters

Silicone Heaters – Etch Foil Flexible Silicone Heaters

Etch Foil FLEXIBLE HEATERS Applications

Etched foil heaters are suited to both high and low volume applications, applications which require a rapid heat-up times or where even surface heating is required. Etch foil silicone heaters have been regularly used for the following purposes; telecommunications, satellite dishes, laboratory equipment and commercial building to name just a few.


Silicone heaters of virtually any shape or size can be manufactured with a top quality, high speed design, prototype and production service available. Etch foil silicone heaters can be produced with average lead times of 2-4 weeks for full production (dependent on quantity) and urgent delivery of 10 days on prototype foil designs,



Silicones are vital components in thousands of commercial and industrial applications. Image : CES

Silicone provides precise and consistent surface heating.

Silicone offers excellent thermal stability (constancy of properties over a wide temperature range of −100 to 250 °C)

Silicone heaters provide excellent resistance to acetone, alcohol, formic acid, brake fluid, chlordihenyl, acetic acid, greases, polar solvents, hydrochloric acid, 10% sulphuric acid, 10% waxes, plasticisers.

Silicon or Silicone? Silicon is a naturally occurring chemical element, whereas silicone is a synthetic substance.


T&D have produced standard and customised silicone heaters for most industries including : oil and gas, petrochemical, food processing, tank heating, battery warming, electronics, aerospace and manufacturing. Heat can be applied using versatile silicone heaters to complex shapes, geometries, curves and surfaces without compromising efficiency or reliability.

Silicone based heaters are used to heat, warm and frost protect drums, cylinders, IBCs, hoppers, machinery and general surfaces.

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Drum Heaters

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