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Keraflo Float Valves Delayed Action

Float Valves For Cold Water Storage Tanks

Keraflo Aylesbury float valves are an accurate and efficient method of controlling the level of cold water stored in tanks with and without raised float valve chambers.

Keraflo Aylesbury range is synonymous with float valve excellence with thousands of installations throughout domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

The weighted key shape float can be accurately set in a number of positions on the brass float arm. This in turn activates the valve at a predetermined difference in water level, driving it fully open or fully closed without water hammer.

Float Valves

Keraflo Aylesbury Delayed action valves – Product Benefits

Easy To Install – with an ‘up and over’  discharge arrangement which assists in facilitating Type AA, AB, AF, or AG air gap requirements under the Water Regulations.

WRAS Approved – The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme is a conformance mark demonstrating product compliance with the high standards set out by water regulations promulgated during 1999 in the United Kingdom.

Maintenance Free – Keraflo float valves are designed to operate for long periods of time without required any maintenance. The non-ceramic disk seal provides extended durability.

Reduces Tank Wall Stress – the Aylesbury’s radical valve design significantly reduces stress on the tank wall fixing point.

Virtually Indestructible – the heart of the float valve incorporates pressure compensated rotating ceramic discs which are aligned in the open position.

Other key benefits include no water hammer, no dribble or valve bounce, no backing plate required, maximises tank capacity and suitable for all types of Air Gap applications.

How the Keraflo ‘K’ Type Float valve works

Keraflo Aylesbury Float Valves – Full Product Range

The full range of Keraflo float valves :

  • Aylesbury ‘K’ Type – Delayed action float valve for tanks without raised valve chambers. Sizes ½” – 3″
  • Aylesbury KAX Type – Delayed action float valve for tanks with raised valves chambers. Sizes ¾” – 3″
  • Aylesbury KB Type – Fully variable float valve for tanks with or without raised valve chambers. Sizes ¾” – 3″
  • Aylesbury KP Type – Fully variable float valve kit for large tanks or high flow rates. Sizes 1 ½” – 8″
  • Aylesbury KS Type – Stainless steel delayed action float valve for use with de-mineralised or sea water. ½” – 3″

Keraflo KP Float Valve Typical Tank Installation

Keraflo KP Float Valve Typical Tank Installation

Float Valves: Keraflo Aylesbury ‘KP’ type float valves include an in-line control valve with an Aylesbury ‘KB’ type float valve acting as a pilot. The pilot valve offers fully variable delayed action opening and closing water level settings for both mains or pumped systems.

Keraflo Float Valves – WRAS Approval

Any water fitting, which when installed, will carry or receive water from a public mains water supply must conform with the water supply regulations. WRAS water regulations state that a water fitting or valve should not cause waste, undue consumption or misuse of the water supply. WRAS approval is an easy way to demonstrate compliance as it is granted directly by representatives of the water suppliers and is therefore accepted by every water supplier in the UK.

Float Valves WRAS Approved

Float Valves WRAS Approved

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