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Published 21 Jan 2020

Pictured: Thorne & Derrick’s Sales & Marketing Apprenticeships with Jessica Williams of Just Williams Ltd, the North East of England leading provider of Masterclass & Workshop based Sales Training – read more about their sales solutions for your business.

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Thorne & Derrick recently partnered with Just Williams Ltd to help build the skills, confidence and potential of their Sales & Marketing Apprentices provided by Northern Skills Group.

Northern Skills Group is an expert provider of apprenticeships, employer-led training and retraining and works with over 2000 businesses in the North East and Yorkshire. Their specialist team of industry trained experts deliver courses across the North including Newcastle, Gateshead, Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire

“I thought the training provided was excellent. Content was relevant to those involved and delivery was enthusiastic, professional and enjoyable.Terry Jessica is obviously very passionate and knowledgeable about sales. Having the sales training provided in house meant that it could be easily related to our day-day sales activities and the markets in which we operate. I have attended external sales training courses in the past and always found them to be too generic and somewhat outdated. It was great to see high levels of engagement from all Thorne & Derrick staff in attendance. I think this is as good a barometer as any on the quality of the training provided. I would certainly recommend Just Williams to other companies wishing to help develop sales skills. Thank you sincerely for your time and effort.” Terry McDonald, Business Development Manager with Thorne & Derrick

Some words from some of our Sales & Marketing Apprentices 

Thomas HeronThomas Heron

I thought the training was really good and engaging. It covered topics which I believe will be of huge benefit to me as I set out on my career path to becoming a Sales Engineer.

KYC was of particular interest and helped to enforce the importance of this if I am to become a successful sales person.

Laura McCabe

I found the sales training to be very useful. It was good to reflect on strengths and weaknesses and I found the topic on Halo effect to be of particularLaura McCabe interest.

The training has helped to reinforce the importance of speaking to customers and not relying on e-mails which is an easy habit to slip into and one I have been guilty of. I am keen to put the training into action and see the results.

Megan Atkinson

Within marketing, the importance of sales knowledge is often overlooked. I found the training extremely useful and more applicable to my role than I initially thought.Megan Atkinson

I learned about my strengths and weaknesses and now understand the steps needed to progress. The sections of the training about ‘Know Your Customer’ and ‘The Halo Effect’ were very interesting and have now transformed the way I look at my marketing.

With this knowledge, I believe that our online presence as a company will be vastly improved.


Providing Effective Sales Solutions For Your Business With Integrity & Professionalism

Telesales £150.00 TUESDAY 17TH MARCH 2020

Converting to Success £150.00 TUESDAY 21ST APRIL 2020

Sales vs Marketing £150.00 TUESDAY 19TH MAY 2020

Creating an Effective Pipeline £150.00 TUESDAY 16TH JUNE 2020

Just Williams

Professionalising the Sales Industry

Jessica Williams Ltd

Jessica Williams – Managing Director

Jessica focuses on the key issue many businesses face of how to increase sales consistently and effectively. She has worked in the sales industry for over 15 years across a broad range of sectors, advising, managing and growing organisations through effectively implementing a structured sales strategy and developing relationships for long term growth.

Through working with businesses to achieve enhanced lead generation, understanding the barriers and addressing the impact of current sales performance against targeted growth, she is able to review your current strategy and provide practical solutions to enhancing your sales performance through her team of sales specialists.

Tel: 01642 955862

Email: [email protected]

Both Thorne & Derrick and Just Williams Ltd are members of NEPIC – award winning organisation working with the chemical-using industries in the North East of England.