Heating Jackets – Heating Drums & IBC’s – Some FAQ’s

Published 20 Aug 2018

Heating Jackets

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are the largest stockist and supplier of Heating Jackets for drums and IBC containers – contact our expert team of Sales Engineers who can recommend and supply standard or customised heating jackets.

In this Blog section, we highlight the diverse range of applications our Electric Heating Jackets are used for. Whether providing Winterisation preparation to protect drums or IBC’s against frost, freezing and low temperatures or process temperature maintenance in both onshore or offshore locations including hazardous area workplaces subject to ATEX Compliance requirements.

Drum Heaters

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Heating Epoxy Resin

Q1/ I’m looking for an IBC heater jacket to warm full IBCs of liquid epoxy resin to 60 degrees Celsius before we decant the resin. The electrical heating process can take place over 24-48 hours –  we’d need to run on 240V power supply. Your IBC heater jackets look ideal for this application. Please could you advise on the most suitable product for this application and advise typical lead times.

The IBC containers are located within a safe area, non-hazardous therefore no ATEX Certification is required.

A1/ Yes, here we would supply a 3KW IBC heating jacket – our stock item IBC- HF6IBC23 would provide sufficient electrical surface heating to allow decanting of the epoxy resin. Heating jackets are ex stock, delivery is to world-wide locations.