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Leak Detection Cables, Control Panels & Sensors

Andel leak detection cables, sensors and panels are specified to provide protection against water, oil and refrigerant gas leaks. Modern methods of construction (MMC) and off-site prefabricated fit-out in the building services industry has amplified the need for accurate and reliable leak detection where complex M&E system designs increase leak incidences.

Andel provide leak detection systems for water, oil and refrigerant gases – T&D can provide specification, design and competitive supply of leak detection equipment from stock to UK and overseas customers.

Andel Floodline Leak Detection systems installed in critical areas provide advance warning to prevent damage, reduce disruption and limit loss to property and assets.


Andel Leak Detection For Gas, Water & Oil – Cables, Panels & Sensors

Andel Floodline – Water Leak Detection SYSTEMS

T&D supply Andel Leak Detection systems including cables, sensors and control panels from stock. The Floodline range offers the most comprehensive selection of leak detection products and systems available with a first class reputation for quality, durability, reliability and economy.

  • Floodline One Zone Leak Detection Control Panel, Sensors & Cables
  • Floodline Multi-Zone Leak Detection Control Panel, Sensors & Cables
  • Floodline 128 Leak Detection Control Panel, Sensors & Cables  (Up to 128 Zones)
  • Floodline Leak 1 Mk 2 Leak Detection System (Single Zone Leak Detection BMS Compatible)
  • Floodline GroundHog Mk2 Leak Detection (Single Zone Leak Detection BMS Compatible)
Andel Floodline Leak Detection Panels, Cables, Sensors

Floodline 128 Leak Detection System – using Andel leak detection cables up to 128 zones can be monitored and alarmed for water leaks.

Andel Floodline 128 Multi-Zone Leak Detection Control Panel

Andel 128 multi-zone leak detection control panel offers a low cost, stand alone leak detection system that can be used for the detection of water, gas and oil. The zones covered by the Floodline 128 can be a single point or cover many meters of leak detection cable.

Each zone is electrically isolated from each other and displayed individually in order for the system to accept and report any number of single or simultaneous zone alarms. The result of this is that an alarm in one zone will have no effect on the normal monitoring of the rest of the leak detection system.

Floodline 128 consists of a base unit for connection to the sensor network and a control unit with full text display – the control unit provides clear and easy to understand status and alarm information.

The unit is wall or surface mounted and has the following functions: Water/Liquid detection, Temperature, Humidity and Gas Detection.

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Leak detection systems protect company assets and personnel as well as ensuring businesses adhere to local and national regulations.

The range of Andel Floodline Leak Detection products includes cables, control panels, sensors and accessories.

Control Panels – Leak detection control panels operate many leak detection cables and sensors – typically wall mounted and easy to operate with a full text display giving information about any leaks or alarms within any zone.

Sensors – Floodline sensors can be used to monitor water, oil and refrigerant gases and are used in conjunction with Floodline control panels in order to monitor alarms and floods.

Accessories – The range of Floodline accessories includes alarms, cables, and warning systems to be used in conjunction with the range of sensors and control panels to provide a comprehensive leak detection system.


BREEAM Leak Detection

Thorne & Derrick have supported the M&E building services industry since 1985 and today provide expert technical support, system design and supply for water leak detection systems compliant with BREEAM Wat 03.

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  • What Is BREEAM? BREEAM is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings.
BREEAM is a registered trademark of BRE (the Building Research Establishment Ltd. Community Trade Mark E5778551). The BREEAM marks, logos and symbols are the Copyright of BRE and are reproduced by permission.

Andel – Oil, Gas and Water Leak Detection

Andel Floodline leak detection is installed in sensitive and critical areas to give an early warning of leakage from any source, e.g. pipes, tanks and air conditioning plants. Floodline uses lengths of water sensing detection cable or point sensors which are connected individually, or in groups, to multi-zone control panels (Floodline “System”) or to self-contained single control modules (Floodline “Solo”). Each leak sensor or group of sensors is allocated a separate zone with each zone having its own “address”.

Floodline zoned systems are robust, flexible, accurate, easy to install, use and maintain and offer the best cost/benefit option for any leak detection application large or small, complex or simple.

Andel Leak Detection systems – applications

The range of Andel leak detection products is tried, tested and trusted for the detection of water, refrigerant gas and oil and help to deliver total environment protection.

Typical applications for Andel leak detection products include IT infrastructure rooms, switch rooms, dealing rooms, banks, leisure and sports facilities, libraries and art galleries. Total environment protection means protecting not just company infrastructure but also the wider environment and conforming to any relevant legislation.

The Floodline range of products covers all possible requirements from stand alone single modules and units for smaller installations to larger multi-zone installations capable of handling the largest buildings.

Floodline leak detection offers extreme flexibility with a range of equipment and sensors available to meet individual customers requirements and provide unrivalled reliability, value and ease of installation The Dangers Of Leaks & Need For Leak Detection.

Leaks can occur in any building or industry and are often the most common cause of damage to a building causing great disruption and loss.

Early indications of a leak are often a loss of power and a disruption of network and communications equipment. If allowed to continue, a leak can become much worse and cause great damage and even endanger life.

The answer to these issues is the installation of Andel Floodline products in critical areas to allow early action and therefore prevent loss, damage and reduce disruption. The Floodline range of products are the most economical and reliable range of leak detection products.

  • Communication Rooms
  • Switch Rooms
  • Frame Rooms
  • PABX Rooms
  • Perimeter Heating
  • Plant Rooms
  • Pre Action Sprinkler Cupboards
  • Toilets
  • Kitchens
  • Generator Rooms
  • Tank Rooms
  • Oil Storage Rooms
  • UPS Rooms
  • Battery Rooms
  • Vending Areas
  • Canteen/Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Prestigious Houses
About Andel 

Established in 1992 by a group of leak detection experts, Andel have almost 25 years experience in the research and development of environmental protection systems such as water, oil and gas leak detection.

Andel products have been constantly developed since 1992 by listening to customers with practical, hands-on involvement and a common sense, cost effective attitude – their promise is ” total environment protection” to ensure customers are able to protect their valuable assets and services, comply with ever changing legislation and safeguard the natural environment.

Andel are able to deliver their promise through 3 dedicated divisions:

1. Floodline – this division is a range of tried and tested oil, water and gas leak detection systems and set the international benchmark for quality, reliability, durability and performance

2. PPL – this division started as Pollution Prevention Ltd

3. IWS – Interceptor Waste Services is a sector where reliable, professional waste reduction can significantly reduce costs and ensures that all types of interceptor are working efficiently

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