Water Leak Detection – BREEAM Wat 03 Major Leak Detection Systems

Leak Detection

Andel Leak Detection For Gas, Water & Oil – leak detection cables, control panels and sensors can help achieve BREEAM credits.

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Water Leak Detection - BREEAM Wat 03 Compliant Leak Detection

BREEAM Leak Detection

Thorne & Derrick have supported the M&E building services and international construction industry since 1985 and today provide expert technical support, system design and supply for water leak detection systems compliant with BREEAM Wat 03.

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BREEAM Leak Detection

BREEAM WAT 03 Major Water Leak Detection

Thorne & Derrick provide BREEAM WAT 03 water leak detection systems – leak detection systems monitor the water flow rates entering the building from a site boundary and raise an audible alarm if the flow rate deviates from pre-set parameters. The detection system can be linked to a BMS and can also be used to shut-off the water supply if required.

Leak detection system comprises of a two-zone WG2 Control Unit which is linked to two turbine sensors. Alternatively two single zone WG1 or BCCB Control Units can be linked with two turbine sensors. Systems are available to suit a variety of pipe sizes from 15mm to 200mm.

  • BREEAM Wat W02 – where evidence is provided to demonstrate that a water meter with a pulsed output will be installed on the mains supply to each unit.

The first water turbine is fitted just after the utilities water meter and will monitor the flow rate of mains water pipe feeding the building. The second turbine should be fitted just after the stop-cock inside the building to detect water leaks within the building.

The turbines provide a ‘pulse’ as water flows through them. Should the adjustable pre-set quantity of pulses/litres be exceeded, the leak detection system will provide local audio-visual alarms, and the output relay can provide a signal to remote alarm or BMS. If required, the system can also shut off the water supply via the optional latching solenoid valves. The control unit can be programmed to suit varying occupancy levels throughout a 24 hour / 7day period.

Our system exceeds requirements of BREEAM WAT 03 criteria and will help enable the awarding of BREEAM credit point(s) for major water leak detection.

Andel Ltd, its products and services are not affiliated, endorsed or certified by BRE Global Ltd. All rights are reserved – their leak detection products can help achieve recognition within BREEAM® subject to suitable assessment by an authorised assessor.

  • BREEAM Wat W03 – where evidence is provided to demonstrate that a leak detection system is installed to each unit.
BREEAM Water Leak Detection

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