Water Leak Detection Sensor – Andel Floodline Point

Andel Floodline Point

Andel Floodline Point

Andel Floodline Point water leak detection sensor is suitable for damp or areas with small spills and wetting and has flexible mounting options.

Together with the Floodline Guard Plate the Floodline Point water leak detection sensor can give maximum physical protection and assist fixing and adjustment. It is possible to combine a number of Floodline sensors similar to other Andel products.

Common applications include plant rooms ,solid floor area and basement/tunnels.

Contact T&D to discuss how leak detection control panels, sensors and cables can secure BREEAM credits for sustainable building ratings.


Activates when any conductive liquid makes contact across the probes

Multiple re-use

Instant return to use after water is cleared up


High density plastic body, stainless steel/nickel plated brass probes

Heavy duty, stainless steel Guard Plate

Encapsulation option for immersion proofing


System: Connected in any number and/or combination with other Floodline sensors

Andel Leak Detection For Gas, Water & Oil - Andel Floodline Point

Andel Leak Detection For Gas, Water & Oil – Andel Floodline Point


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Water Leak Detection - BREEAM Wat 03 Compliant Leak Detection

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