Water Meters

Water Meters

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Thorne & Derrick are Specialist Distributors of Meters for reliable and accurate metering of Water, Gas & Heat (Thermal Energy) – we distribute commercial, residential and industrial water meters for both cold and hot water supply up to 120° Celsius.

Selecting your Water Meter

In order to select the most suitable water meter for your application we require:

  • Water Meter Type – Hot or Cold Water
  • Pipe Size (Nominal Diameter) & Pipe Material
  • Minimum & Maximum Flow Rate
  • Maximum Working Pressure
  • Accuracy Class
  • Scheme/Regulation Conformance: WRAS/MID/BREEAM/other


Thorne & Derrick provide consultation, design and supply of intelligent metering systems with the use of a wide range of mobile solutions  – this includes Automated Metering Reading (AMR), such as walk-by and drive-by systems, along with bespoke fixed network solutions Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for any scale project.

T&D and Elster, a leading provider of Intelligent Metering Solutions, ensure customers benefit from the latest AMR and AMI technologies enabling them to improve revenue, reduce operating costs and enhance customer service.

Elster Meters

Elster Meters – T&D Approved Channel Partner

BREEAM WAT02 (Water Monitoring) & WAT03 (Leak Detection)

T&D work closely with M&E Engineering Consultants and their building services contractors writing specifications to assist in securing BREEAM credits for sustainable building projects.

Sample Specification By Thorne & Derrick


To ensure water consumption can be monitored and managed and therefore encourage reductions.

To reduce the impact of water leaks that may otherwise go undetected.


Thorne & Derrick water monitoring and two zone major leak detection system comprises of two BCCB control panels linked to two pulsed turbine sensors. Each BCCB control panel shall be able to work independently from one another. It is a permanent water monitoring and major leak detection system which covers all mains supplies both in and outside the building.

The system shall provide;

  • An audible alarm and alarm output to the BMS (if BMS is available) when activated
  • Activated when the flow of water passes through the meter at a flow rate above a pre-set minimum for a pre-set period of time
  • Able to identify different flow and therefore leakage rates
  • Programmable to suit the owner/ occupier water consumption requirements.
  • Linked to a solenoid valve that shuts off the supply when the alarm is activated (if required)
  • Be able to avoid false alarms

The first pulsed water meter should be installed just after the utilities water meter and will monitor the flow rate of the mains water pipe feeding the building.

The second pulsed water meter should be installed just after the main stop valve where the supply enters the building and will monitor for leaks/water consumption within the building. Both pulsed water meters shall be selected based on pipe diameters and / or flow rates.

An optional BMS interface allows pulses from the water meter to be registered at both the control unit, and the BMS (if required, contact Thorne & Derrick for further advice).

Water-consuming plant or building areas, consuming 10% or more of the building’s total water demand, should be fitted with easily accessible sub-meters or have water monitoring equipment integral to the plant or area (contact Thorne & Derrick for further advice).

Each meter for BREEAM WAT02 & WAT03 shall be manufactured by Elster Water using volumetric or Woltmann design, demonstrates EC approval according to the new Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2014/32/EU, shall be WRAS approved.

To discuss your requirements for BREEAM credits including Thorne & Derrick water monitoring and major leak detection systems please contact us.

T&D distribute water meters with MID and WRAS approvals for low, medium and high pressure flow metering. Leading brands include: Elster, Itron, Sensus and Kamstrup – contact T&D for technical support, specification guidance and fast delivery from UK stocks.

Specialist ultrasonic energy/heat flowmeters for heat/energy metering of hot or chilled water from “outside-the-pipe” and also for the measurement of liquids and gases in hazardous areas are available.

Should you require general guidance for achieving scheme compliance to RHI, MID and WRAS or securing BREEAM credits for environmental rating and assessment, please contact T&D.

T&D’s Metering product managers ensure the optimum selection for your water metering application – we provide:

  • excellent customer service and technical support
  • competitive quotations and reliable delivery from UK stocks
  • extensive range of metering products for gas, water and heat (thermal energy)

Thorne & Derrick – Metering & Measurement Specialists. Water, Heat & Gas Meters for Commercial & Industrial Applications – hazardous area flowmeters for hydrocarbons, liquids and gases.

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