Gas Meters

Gas Meters

Metering | Gas Meters – Contact T&D Sales for price, delivery, support.

T&D International are Specialist Suppliers & Distributors of Gas Meters – we welcome the opportunity to provide quotations and tender submissions for UK and international projects requiring Gas, Heat or Water meters.

➡ For complete specifications, performance data, certification and ordering information about Gas Meters please refer to the product sections below.

T&D’s Metering product managers ensure the optimum selection for your gas metering application – we provide:

  • excellent customer service and technical support
  • competitive quotations and reliable delivery from UK stocks
  • extensive range of metering products for gas, water and heat (thermal energy)

T&D supply gas metering products to measure flow rates of natural gas, filtered and non-corrosive gases from 0.03 to 10000m3/hr and up to 100Bar pressure with a choice of outputs – providing highly accurate measurement of low, medium and high gas flows at low, medium and high pressures.

Selecting Your Gas Meter

In order to select the most suitable meter for your gas metering application we require: pipework connection diameter, connection type (screwed/flanged) and whether the meter needs to be pulsed, M-Bus compatible or approved to scheme regulations, such as MID.

Should you require support specifying and purchasing suitable gas meters for hazardous area locations certified according to the ATEX Directive for Zone 1 and Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres please contact T&D.

Sectors: Commercial, Residential, Industrial & Hazardous Area Gas Meters

Types: Turbine, Rotary & Diaphragm Meters

Market leading and advanced technology meters are available from Itron with the highest accuracy, reliability and performance levels.

Itron Gas Meters

ATEX certified meters for installation and the measurement of gas flow in hazardous areas with classification II 2 G c IIC T5 according to ATEX Directive 94/9/EG are available.

Itron Gas Meters

Itron – market leading electricity, gas, water and thermal energy measurement, metering devices and control technology.

Turbine Gas Meters (Itron MZ Quantometer)

Turbine Meters (Itron MZ Quantometer)

Rotary Gas Meters (Itron Delta)

Rotary Meters (Itron Delta)

Commercial Gas Diaphragm Meters (Itron Gas Meters)

Commercial Diaphragm Meters (Itron)


T&D Sales Engineers are trained to provide specification support and advise upon required hardware and software.

T&D also distribute Gas Meters and Hazardous Area Flowmeters suitable for gas measurement in Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas, potentially explosive atmospheres and industrial process applications.

Hazardous Area Flow Meters

Hazardous Area Gas Flow Meters


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