Flowmeters – Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meters (Industrial & Hazardous Areas)

Portable Flow Meters

Flow Meters: Portable & Fixed Meters For Building Services, HVAC, Industrial & Hazardous Areas – suitable for metering water, process liquids, gases and hydrocarbons

Flow meters are used to meter, monitor and provide accurate measurement of flow velocity and energy usage with an easy to install and easily transportable ultrasonic system – this includes flow metering of clean and dirty liquids, process fluids, gases and hydrocarbons in commercial, industrial and hazardous area location pipework systems.



Portable flow meter solutions from Micronics utilise ultrasonic technology – liquid flow meters are “clamped on” and are non-invasive to the pipework therefore eliminating associated downtime and costs of pipe cutting during installation.

Portable flow meters measure liquid flow and can be used on different pipe types and construction as they are a non-permanent, fixed metering solution.

Easily transportable and simple to use, can be used to measure the flow of liquids on varying pipe diameters, of clean or dirty liquids and can be used in rugged applications where required.

Micronic flow meters use Transit Time and Doppler technology to produce both Portable and Fixed type meters to suit process liquid and water flow measurement applications.

Micronics applications include building services HVAC energy management, water/glycol metering, pump monitoring, cooling flows, deionised flow measurement and flow metering of diesel and fuel oils.

How Flow Meters Save Manpower, Reduce Costs & Improve SafetyFlow Meters Pipe Cutting

Using pipe saws, angle grinders and power tools to cut and debur pipework consumes manhours and introduces health and safety working risks associated with use of power tools. Clamp-on flow meters attached directly to the outside of the pipework eliminating the need for pipe cutting improve labour productivity during flow meter installation.

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Flow Meters : Ultrasonic & Clamp-on Portable Meters

Ultrasonic & Clamp-on Portable Meters – Micronics The Worlds Easy To Use Flow Meter. A flow meter (or flowmeter) is a device which accurately measures linear, nonlinear, volumetric or mass flow rate of a liquid or a gas in a commercial, industrial or hazardous area location pipework system.

Flow Meters Hazardous Areas

FLEXIM FLUXUS Portable & Permanent Flowmeters For Liquids & Gases In Hazardous Areas – using “clamp-to-pipe” ultrasonic non-invasive metering of very high flow and very low flow rate velocities and temperature extremes from -310 °F up to 1110 °F.

Micronics Portable Flow Meter Range

Flow meters from Micronics are easy to install, simple to use and provide advanced reliability and superior flow measurement – enhanced energy efficiency can be achieved by better use of heat and domestic hot water consumption in the building service industry.

Micronics Portaflow D550

Portaflow D550 meter can be used for monitoring ‘dirty’ liquid and can be used to suit pipes 13mm-4500mm in diameter – Micronics D550 is portable and easy to use and as with the full range of Micronics flow meters, the D550 is non-invasive which removes the need to cut the pipes.

Micronics Portaflow D550 Non Contact Flow Meter

Micronics Portaflow D550 Non Contact Flow Meter

Micronics Portaflow PF330

Portaflow PF330 meter is used for monitoring ‘clean’ liquids and can be used to suit pipes suit pipes 13mm – 5000mm in diameter. Portable and easy to use, the Micronics Portaflow 330 is supplied with 200,000 point logger and software.

Micronics Portaflo PF330 Flow Meter

Micronics Portaflo PF330 Flow Meter

Micronics u1000

Micronics U1000 is the simple to use, low cost heat and energy metering solution installed “outside the pipe” – clamp-on, non-invasive water flow meter and measurement for pipework up to 25mm-115mm outside diameter.

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Flow Meters: Hazardous Areas

Flow Meters: Hazardous Areas

ATEX & IECEx Certified,  SIL 2 Capable FLOW METERS

FLEXIM FLUXUS flow meters are non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement instruments – FLEXIM meters provide permanent or portable volume and mass flow meters for liquids and gases.

Flow meters with international hazardous area classifications including ATEX, IECEx Zone 2, EAC TR-TS and Inmetro are specified and installed throughout the global oil, gas, petrochemical and hazardous area industries.

For complete technical data and information on the full range of FLEXIM FLUXUS hazardous area flow meters please see sections below.

➡ Complete technical, specifications and ordering details for all Micronics and FLEXIM flow meters are available – should you require support with selecting the correct flow meter for either commercial, industrial or hazardous area location please contact T&D Sales.

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