Fisher Valves – Control Valves (Rotary, Sanitary & Sliding Stem)


Fisher Control Valves

Control Valves

Fisher valves provide vital flow control and process management while improving plant safety and efficiency.

Fisher manufacture Control Valves including : Rotary Valves, Sanitary Valves and Sliding Stem Valves.

Fisher control valves (Rotary, Sanitary & Sliding Stem) include butterfly, ball, eccentric and low flow valves for regulation and isolation of gases, steam, water, chemicals or hydrocarbons in process and hazardous area located pipework.

Fisher Valves - Control Valves

Fisher Valves : Rotary Control Valve (Fisher V500), Sanitary Control Valve (Fisher 8900) & Sliding Stem Valve (Fisher D3 FloPro)

Founded in 1880 by William Fisher, today Fisher valves are specified throughout oil, gas, petrochemical, refining, power, food/beverage, process and hazardous area industries. In 1992, Emerson acquired Fisher Controls International Inc effectively establishing a market-leading manufacturer of control valves and measuring equipment for industrial processes and hazardous areas.

Fisher Valves

Today Fisher, part of Emerson Process Management, have evolved valves in a range of materials, flow characteristics and end connections



Fisher rotary valves include include butterfly, eccentric plug, full bore pipeline, and segmented ball types – including throttling and service applications in gas and liquid pipelines with excellent isolation (shutoff), pressure levels and flow control.

Fisher Rotary Valves - Fisher Control Valves

Fisher Rotary Valves: Eccentric Plug, Butterfly, Segmented Ball & Full Bore Pipeline Ball Valves

fisher Control Valves – an introduction

Fisher valves are used daily and control plants consisting of hundreds and even thousands of control loops all networked together in order to produce a product. Each control loop has been designed to keep an important process variable such as pressure, flow, level or temperature within a required operating range.

The different control loops receives and internally creates disturbances that have a detrimental effect on the process variable along with interaction from other loops in the network that provide disturbance and influence the variable process.

In order to reduce the effect of these load disturbances, Fisher sensors and transmitters collect information about the process variable and its relationship to a desired set point. A controller will then process the information and decide what must be done in order to get the process variable to the optimum level.

The most common and final element in the process control industry is the control valve. Fisher valves manipulate a flowing fluid such as a gas, steam, water or chemical compound in order to compensate for the load disturbance and keep the regulated process variable as close to the desired set point as possible.

The range of Fisher valves:

The Control Valve Handbook is primary reference reading for process industry professionals :

Fisher Valves

Fisher Valves : used in pipelines to control flow, pressure, temperature and liquid levels

Fisher CV500 Rotary Flow Control Valve

Fisher CV500 Rotary Control Valve

Fisher CV500 Rotary Control Valve

Fisher CV500 rotary control valve combines the rangeability of the cammed-segment V-notched ball along with the inherent ruggedness found in the Fisher V500 heavy duty bearings, seals and body.

This combination provides a strong balance of erosion resistance alongside pressure control for gas and liquids. The unrestricted, straight-through flow design provides high capacity for gas, steam, liquids and fibrous slurries whilst the flanged valve features streamlined flow passages, rugged metal trim components and a self-centering seat ring.

Key features of the Fisher CV500 Rotary Control Valve:

  • Excellent flow characteristics – precise contouring of the v-notch ball provides a modified equal percentage flow characteristic
  • High capacity – unrestricted, straight-through, flow design provides a greater capacity than most conventional globe and rotary eccentric plug valves
  • Long seat life – the v-notch ball cams into and out of the valve seat in order to minimise contact with the seat ring for reduced wear and friction
  • One-piece body – valve body is cast in one piece eliminating body gaskets that can leak as a result of pipeline stresses
  • Operational versatility – self-centering seat ring and rugged V-notch ball allow forward or reverse flow with tight shutoff in either flow direction

See how Fisher patent and innovate control valves advancing technology for process flow control in the oil, gas, petrochemical, power, nuclear, food/beverage, process and life sciences industries.

Fisher Control Valves Typical Applications

Fisher control valves and flow control products are suitable for use on many applications and throughout many industries. The most common applications and industries include HVAC, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and bio-technical.

Within the oil and gas industry there are many process challenges that are faced, whether producing from a conventional field such or an un-conventional field such as shale gas or heavy oil such as getting to first oil and optimising production.

In addition, missed opportunities, excessive maintenance and high energy use prevent businesses from exceeding performance goals. Handling ever changing operating conditions and feed composition to meet quality product specifications is also a major challenge face within this industry.

Fisher products and solutions enable efficiency and can cost effectively manage these conditions as well as recovering high value products in order to make businesses much more competitive.

About Fisher

Fisher was established in 1880 when William Fisher developed the Type 1 pressure pump. Fisher is today a part of the Emerson Process Management group of companies developing and innovating process management products for over 135 years and continues to do so today. Fisher intends to remain a leader in the process control industry and to continue increasing its global presence.

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