ATEX Fans | Zone 1 Hazardous Area Portable Tank Ventilation Fan | Tank Vent Fan 800 With 6 Outlets

ATEX Fans | Tank Vent Fan 800 With 6 Outlets

ATEX Fans | Tank Vent Fan 800 With 6 Outlets


Hazardous Area Confined Space & Portable Tank Ventilation Fan

Tank Vent 800 With 6 Outlets | ATEX & IECEx Approved for Ventilation of Explosive Atmospheres

Tank Vent 800 range of ATEX portable fans are manufactured in the UK and distributed by Thorne & Derrick.

The range of cost effective, hazardous area portable tank ventilation fans with high performance are ideal for the introduction of fresh air to confined spaces to provide a safe working environment and for gas freeing of oil and chemical tanks.

Tank Vent Fan 800 with 6 outlets provides a portable, electrically driven solution to ensure fresh air for the safety of workers and of the vessels while cleaning of storage holds and tanks takes place. These units can be independently ATEX and/or IECEx Certified.

IECEX and ATEX fans continuously move fresh, uncontaminated air through a hazardous area as an effective means of controlling an atmospheric explosive hazard.

Tank Vent fans are the market leader-leading ATEX fan for providing confined space portable ventilation in hazardous areas. Both ATEX & IECEx dual certified to Electrical & Non-Electrical Standards (Mechanical) for Zone 1 ventilation applications.

  • Maximum Airflow 40,000m³/hr
  • Independently dual certified to ATEX
  • Independently dual certified to ATEX & IECEx
  • Integrated ATEX/IECEx starter
  • Mobility frame with castor wheels and lifting lugs
  • Outlet Arrangements: 1 x 600mm and 4 x 300mm outlets with individual stainless steel dampers
  • Heavy duty lay-flat tube ducting
  • Spare castor wheels

ATEX Fans Tank Vent Fan 800 With 6 Outlets

Technical Specification

  • Power supply; 400V 50Hz, 440V 60Hz or 690V 60Hz
  • Rated current/Starting current;
    • 400V 50Hz: 41.0A/299A
    • 440V 60Hz: 37.3A/272A
    • 690V 60Hz: 31.6A/218A
  • Painted C5 Offshore standard or hard wearing epoxy
  • Weight: 1300kg
Tank Vent Fan 800 With 6 Outlets - Dimensions

Tank Vent Fan 800 With 6 Outlets – Dimensions

Tank Vent Fan 800 With 6 Outlets

ATEX Fan Certications & Standards

Certification: Electrical
Motor Zone 1, Ex de IIB T4 Gb, IP56
Certified to ATEX/IECEx
Starter Zone1, II 2 GD Ex d IIB T4, IP66
Certified to ATEX/IECEx
Certification: Non-Electrical
ATEX Zone 1 Category 2G IIB T4
Certificate Number Sira 09ATEX 6230X
IECEx Ex h Gb IIB T4
Certificate Number IECEx SIR17.0076X
ISO 80079-36:2016 Non-electrical
equipment for explosive atmospheres
ISO 80079-37:2016 Non-electrical type of
protection constructional safety
BS EN 14986: 2017
IIC Option also available.


Thorne & Derrick International distribute an extensive range of ATEX & IECEx Certified Products for safe use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres & Hazardous Areas – these products help overcome the dangers of confined space working alleviating risks with the provision of certified and safe confined space lighting, power, heat and ventilation – keeping workers safe during maintenance, repair and installation works in hazardous area locations in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The Exstream range of 3rd Party Certified Portable Fans distributed by Thorne & Derrick are independently dual certified IECEx & ATEX portable ventilation fans certified to both Electrical & Non-Electrical standards to provide a world wide safety solution.

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