Marechal EVO | Separable Switch, Disconnector, Plug Up To 40A

Marechal EVO 3-in-1 Power Connections Plug Switch Disconnector

Marechal EVO 3-in-1 Power Connections Plug Switch Disconnector

Marechal EVO

First Separable Switch-Disconnector

MARECHAL ELECTRIC is at the heart of innovation with the invention of the first separable switch-disconnector. The unique technology of the EVO incorporates functionalities of a 40A switch, a disconnector and an industrial connector. The Marechal EVO was created to provide enhanced safety for users and installers.

➡ Thorne & Derrick are official distributors and stockists of Marechal plugs and sockets in the UK.

Thanks to the innovative « Twist & Switch » design, EVO offers a positive break indication that reflects the exact position of the contacts. Also referred to EVO40 (40A) is a detachable switch disconnector with rotary manual control from 2 to 6 poles.

The First Separable Switch-Disconnector

EVO40 is a manually operated separable switch-disconnector, with configurations from 2 to 6 poles + Earth. Compliant with IEC/EN 60947-1 and 60947-3 standards, EVO40 allows for frequent making and breaking on load, while ensuring safe isolation of any low voltage electrical circuit: resistive (AC-21A), mixed resistive/inductive (AC-22A) or inductive (AC-23A).

EVO40 also allows for on load making & breaking of all electric motors (AC-3), as per IEC/EN 60943-3 standard requirements. Equipped with self-cleaning silver alloy contact tips and a unique and patented mechanism, our new technological concept combines the functionalities of a switch and an isolator. The design facilitates successive double breaking pole by pole, which ensures optimal safety during any maintenance operation.

Separable Switch-Disconnector


Once the supply and load parts have been separated, a safety shutter prevents any risk of electric shock (IP4X/IPXXD). The robust mechanism allows distinctly and visibly separated disconnection and separation even in the event of overload currents.

Thanks to the compact design, EVO40 can be configured to be panel-mounted or flush-mounted on a wall box with varying angles. Other standard features include: padlockable accessory, hidden screws, and a smooth, crevice-free design.

The quality of EVO40 materials offers flexibility in the most demanding of applications in terms of hygiene, robustness and reliability (IP66/IP67/IP69 and IK09): Halogen-free; UL94-Standard compliant self-extinguishing materials; resistant to hot vapours (tropicalisation as per IEC 60068-2) as well as UVs (class f1), corrosion and chemical agents.

Conventional Solution Compared To EVO Solution


  • Electrical machinery to the “Machinery” European Directive on isolating device, and to standards EN 12100 and EN 60204-1,
  • Electrical installations to installation standards: IEC/HD 60364 and NF C 15-100 (French) or other national transposition

EVO complies with the following standards:

  • EC/EN 60947-1/-3/-4/-5 : Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear – Part 3: Switches, disconnectors, switch-disconnectors and fuse-combination units



The industry has a new safety reflex thanks to its rotary twist: lining up both “O” and placing simultaneously the two parts of the switch disconnector without any powering. Twisting the EVO into the “OFF” position means it is prepared for connection without any power running through it.

The main benefit of the EVO in this position is to have a waterproof product without power.

Twist once more to place the product into the “ON” position meaning the EVO is powered but still watertight.

​EVO offers a positive break indication that reflects the exact position of the contacts.

Load Break Rotary Switch

Load Break Rotary Switch | Simple Operation | Waterproof in ON & OFF Positions

EVO is a switch-disconnector with visible and fully apparent breaking. As such, it is not subject to the obligation of a 30 mA residual current device (RCD).

EVO allows:

  • continuity of service: no unwanted tripping, no production loss;
  • space saving and cost reduction;
  • securing and simplifying interventions: for maintenance or replacement of an equipment, EVO can be separated in two parts, by means of a tool, and padlocked. When separated,
    EVO has an IP4X/IPXXD rating. It is therefore not necessary to use authorized personnel or protection procedures

Suitable for arduous environments with an operating temperature of between -25°C to +60°C as the separation shows the exact position of the contacts and promises 100% safety during any maintenance operation.

The design of the EVO provides greater flexibility and suitability in the most challenging applications in terms of hygiene, robustness and reliability.

The switch disconnector manufactured by Marechal can be used in all industries as it is very easy to install: only one tool is needed!  Using a screwdriver the installer can easily put the switch isolator in the correct place.

Marechal EVO

Features & Benefits

  • 1 switch + 1 isolator + 1 socket outlet – Simplification and economy
  • Smooth crevice free design, no visible fixing screws – Easy to clean
  • Positive, clearly visible and detachable breaking – 100% assured safety
  • No access to live parts – User safety and compliance with standards
  • Disconnection speed independent of operator use – Easy to use
  • Up to 6 poles + earth – Ability to connect power and/or control signals
  • Automatic IP66/IP67 sealing in ON and OFF positions – Suitable for harsh industrial environments
  • Suitable for frequent switching of mixed resistive and inductive circuits
  • 3 possible installations – In line coupler, on an enclosure & a wall box
EVO Technical Specification
Mechanical Endurance > 10,000 cycles
Electrical Endurance 1500 cycles
Ui: Rated Insulation Voltage 1000 V AC/1500 V DC
Ith: Conventional Thermal Current in Free Air 40 A
Uimp: Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage 8 kV
AC-23A – 400 V AC 18.5 kW
AC-3 – 690 V AC 11 kW
Irms: Peak-to-Peak Current with Fuses (kA) 10 kA
Icm: Rated short-time making capacity (kA peak) 1 kA
Cable Cross-Section Cu (sqmm) 2.5 – 10 sqmm flexible
2.5 – 16 sqmm stranded
Degree of Protection (IEC 60529) IP66/IP67
Shock Resistance (IEC62262) IK09
Ambient Air Temperature – 25ºC / + 60ºC

Marechal EVO40 Part Numbers

Marechal EVO Outlet Inlet Straight Sleeve 70º Inclined Sleeve Handle Wall Box
Voltage Poles Outlet Inlet Straight Sleeve 70º Inclined Sleeve Handle  90º Wall Box
200-250 V AC 2P+E 8144032 8148032 51LM0 51LM7 51LP0D21(2) 51LC9000
3P+E 8144033 8148033
4P+E 8144034 8148034
6P+E 8144036 8148036
380-480 V AC 2P+E 8144012 8148012 51LM0 51LM7 51LP0D21(2) 51LC9000
3P+E 8144013 8148013
4P+E 8144014 8148014
6P+E 8144016 8148016
500-690 V AC 2P+E 8144052 8148052 51LM0 51LM7 51LP0D21(2) 51LC9000
3P+E 8144053 8148053
4P+E 8144054 8148054
6P+E 8144056 8148056
Other Voltages 2P+E 8144122 8148122 51LM0 51LM7 51LP0D21(2) 51LC9000
3P+E 8144123 8148123
4P+E 8144124 8148124
6P+E 8144126 8148126

Marechal EVO Dimensions

Marechal EVO Dimensions


➡ Thorne & Derrick supply the full product offering of Marechal switches, plugs and sockets. They are available in a range of current ratings, switching capabilities, voltage supply and for safe & hazardous areas (according to ATEX & IECEx) for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Including oil, gas and petrochem industries with hazardous area Zones 1 & 2 (Gas) and Zones 21 & 22 (Dust).

Marechal Plugs

Industrial Power Plugs – Marechal Decontactors with 16A to 700A current ratings and 1,000 volt power supply.

Hazardous Area Plugs Sockets - Marechal

Hazardous Area Plugs & Sockets – ATEX certified for explosive atmospheres Zone 1 & Zone 2 (Gas) and Zone 21 & Zone 22 (Dust).

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