VEGA VEGAPULS Radar Level Measurement

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VEGA Radar Level Measurement

Radar Level Measurement – VEGAPULS Radar Level Sensor

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    • VEGAPULS 61 – liquids for simple applications
    • VEGAPULS 62 – liquids under difficult conditions
    • VEGAPULS 63 – level measurement of aggressive liquids
    • VEGAPULS 64 – liquids with different process conditions or hygienic requirements
    • VEGAPULS 65 – liquids under simple process conditons
    • VEGAPULS 66 – liquids under arduous process conditions
    • VEGAPULS 67 – level measurement of bulk solids
    • VEGAPULS 68 – level measurement of bulk solids for tough environments
    • VEGAPULS 69 – level measurement of bulk solids under different process conditions small up to large vessel heights
    • VEGAPULS SR 68 – level measurement of bulk solids under different process conditions silos up to 30 m high
    • VEGAPULS WL 61 – continuous level measurement of water/waste water



VEGA are world leaders in process instrumentation sensors specialising in measurement of pressure, level and point level (switching) technology suitable for many worldwide applications, including hazardous area industries.

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VEGA Controls Use Sensors, Switches & Transmitters For Continuous Level, Point Level & Pressure Measurement In Process & Hazardous Area Industries.