ASCO ATEX Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve Operators For Hazardous Areas

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ASCO ATEX Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve Operators Hazardous Areas

Via ASCO Numatics FASTSHIP and SAMEDAY Express Delivery Service we are able to deliver 2,000+ ASCO valves and valve operators from stock direct to you.

➡ For complete specifications, ordering details and hazardous area classification Solenoid Valve Operators for explosion proof installations please browse the product sections below.

Visit ASCO for further information about solenoid valves, pilot valves, cylinders and actuation products – T&D also distribute a full range of Ex d Flameproof solenoid valves and ATEX solenoid valves for classified hazardous area locations.

Explosion Protection

4 Processess Used In Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment

Explosion protection can be acheived in 4 main concepts depending on type of facility, system and type of hazardous area.

Ex i Intrinsic Safety

Traditional electronic explosion protection – supply to the electrical equipment is provided through a safety barrier that limits the current and voltage so that the minimum ignition energy and ignition temperature of an explosive mixture are not reached.

Ex e Increased Safety

Increased safety explosion protection requires mechanical support in the form of enclosures and mechanical protection for clamps, screens and electrical components. The occurence of sparks and impermissible temperatures that could act as a source of ignition is prevented through additional mechanical protective measures.

Ex d Flameproof Enclosure

Equipment is protected by installation in a flameproof enclosure to ensure that potential sparks cannot escape into surrounding potential explosive atmospheres – components that could trigger ignition are built into an enclosure that is specified to withstand explosion pressures. The openings of the explosion-proof enclosure are constructed to prevent the explosion from escaping the enclosure.

Ex p Pressurized Enclosure

Equipment is installed in an enclosure that is retained under slight overpressure with notrogen or a nonexplosive gas to prevent penetration by flammable gases. The equipment enclosure is filled with an inert gas and an explosive gas mixture cannot make contact with potential ignition cources on the inside of the enclosure.


Hazardous Area Valves - Zone 1 Zone 2 ATEX Solenoid Valves

For expert technical support in Hazardous Area Valve & Solenoid Operator selection, just call T&D.

Explosion Proof Valves

Explosion Proof Valve Operators – ASCO Solenoid Valves & Valve Operators are ATEX & IECEx certified for Class I, Division 2 and Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Thorne & Derrick’s Sales Engineers are certificated and qualified to provide expert advice and product recommendations for flow control and valve requirements in hazardous areas where explosion protection is required according to Ex d flameproof category.