ATEX Floodlights | Zone 2 Floodlight Hazardous Area 5,000 Lumens


ATEX Floodlights | Zone 2 Floodlight Hazardous Area 5,000 Lumens

ATEX Floodlights

Raytec FL24 | High Power Floodlight Zone 2 & Zone 22 5,000 Lumens

Zone 2 Floodlights ATEX & IEC Ex Rated for Gas & Dust Explosive Atmospheres

Hazardous Area Rating: Zone 2 – Gas & Dust

Zone 2 Gas

  • II 3 G D
  • Ex ec mc op is IIC T4 Gc
  • Ta= Up to -52°C to +55°C

Hazardous Area T Rating – T4

Zone 22 Dust

  • Ex tb op is IIIC T82°C Dc
  • Ta= Up to -52°C to +55°C IP66/IP67

North America Hazardous Area Classification

  • Class I, Div. 2 Gr ABCD T5
  • Class II, Div. 1 Div. 2 Gr EFG
  • Class III, Div. 1 & 2 NEMA 4x, IP66/IP67 UL50E, UL8750, UL 1203 C22.2

SPARTAN High Power Flood range of Zone 2 floodlights form part of the ATEX Lighting range manufactured by Raytec and are designed to provide lighting to very large and open hazardous areas which require high performance, high reliability and white-light illumination in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The FL24 floodlights are globally certified to Zone 2 offering long-life LED technology.

The modular design of the hazardous area lighting with PSU chassis also allows for the most flexible installation, easiest access and servicing of the floodlight when conducting routine maintenance and repair in Zone 2 areas.

CoolXtrude™ thermal management technology ensures a lifetime of 10 years+ while providing a high lumen output of up to 5,500 delivered lumens. All SPARTAN lighting comes with an industry leading 5 year warranty as standard.

Using Raytec’s field-proven, long-life LED technology, the FL24 is globally certified for all Zone 2 applications with DALI/dimming capabilities as standard.

Raytec Spartan Flood FL24 Zone 2 Floodlight Hazardous Area 5,000 Lumens

Raytec Spartan Flood FL24 Zone 2 Floodlight Hazardous Area 5,000 Lumens

Zone 2 Floodlights

Features & Benefits

ATEX Floodlights

ATEX Floodlights

  • Raytec Part Number – FL24
  • ATEX & IEC Ex approved – Zone 2
  • Ultra Long Life LED Lighting
  • High Lumen Output LED Lighting
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Extreme Durability and Toughness
  • Wide Operating Temp -50° to +55°
  • DALI/Dimming as Standard
  • Remote Power Supply Variants Available
  • Zone 1 Floodlights Available
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • UK Designed and Manufactured
  • Now ‘op is’ approved (EN60079-28)
Raytec Spartan ATEX Floodlights

Raytec Spartan ATEX Floodlights

Zone 2 Floodlights - Product Dimensions

Zone 2 Floodlights – Product Dimensions

Raytec SPARTAN High Power Flood Light

Technical Specification

Certification:ATEX and IEC Ex rated for Zone 2 Gas and Dust, and UL/CSA inc. C1D2
Angles:10×10°/ 35×10°/ 60×25°/ 80×30°/ 120×50° elliptical and 30°, 50° and 120° circular options
Input:Mains Voltage 110-254V 50/60 Hz AC only
Beam Shape:Elliptical or Circular
Beam Angle System:VARIO interchangeable lens system (elliptical) / Fixed (circular)
LED Type:Platinum Elite SMT LEDs
Number of LEDs:24
Power Output:Up to 5,500lm
Wavelength:White-Light (6,000K+)
IP Rating:IP66 and IP67
Temperature Range:-50°C to +55°C


Floodlight Dimensions

Metric – 196 x 274 x 170mm
Imperial – 10.8 x 7.7 x 6.7”

Zone 2 Floodlight Product Codes

Circular Beam Pattern

SPZ-FL24-W-1010SPARTAN Zone 2 Flood, 24 LED, White-Light, 10°x 10° beam
SPZ-FL24-W-3030SPARTAN Zone 2 Flood, 24 LED, White-Light, 30°x 30° beam
SPZ-FL12-W-5050SPARTAN Zone 2 Flood, 24 LED, White-Light, 50°x 50° beam
SPZ-FL12-W-120120SPARTAN Zone 2 Flood, 24 LED, White-Light, 120°x 120° beam

Elliptical Beam Pattern

SPZ-FL24-W-3510SPARTAN Zone 2 Flood, 24 LED, White-Light, 35°x 10° beam
SPZ-FL24-W-6025SPARTAN Zone 2 Flood, 24 LED, White-Light, 60°x 25° beam
SPZ-FL24-W-8030SPARTAN Zone 2 Flood, 24 LED, White-Light, 80°x 30° beam
SPZ-FL24-W-12050SPARTAN Zone 2 Flood, 24  LED, White-Light, 120°x 50° beam
ATEX Lighting Hazardous Area Lighting Zone 1 Zone 2 ATEX

ATEX Lighting manufactured by Raytec for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas – this includes floodlights, linear light fittings, bulkheads and high bay lighting for explosion protection concepts including Ex d Flameproof and Ex e Explosion Proof applications.