Drum Heaters – High Temperature Drum Heating Jacket HTSD

Drum Heater – High Temperature Drum Heating Jacket HTSD

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HTSD drum heaters are insulated high temperature drum heating jackets with a high performance silicone coated heating element. HTSD is available in a range of sizes 25, 50, 105, 200-210 litre for steel drums or containers with power outputs up to 1800W.

This range of drum heating jackets are ideal for melting or reducing the viscosity of soaps, fats, varnishes and oil based products that require high temperature for handling.

HTSD drum heating jackets are fitted with a high temperature adjustable thermostat (+20ºC to 220ºC), a 4 metre robust rubber power cable and adjustable quick release buckles to secure the jacket to a container.

Drum Heater – High Temperature Drum Heating Jacket HTSD

Part Number Description Dimensions Diameter* mm Power Output (W)
HTSD/A 25 Litre Drum Heater Jacket 400mm x 1020mm 277mm to 315mm 110v or 230v 380W
HTSD/B 50 Litre Drum Heater Jacket 460mm x 1250mm 350mm to 388mm 110v or 230v 450W
HTSD/C 105 Litre Drum Heater Jacket 370mm x 1650mm 470mm to 515mm 110v or 230v 700W
HTSD/E 200 Litre Drum Heater Jacket 800mm x 1950mm 573mm to 611mm 110v or 230v 1200W
HTSD/E Special 200 Litre Drum Heater Jacket 800mm x 1950mm 573mm to 611mm 110v or 230v 1800W

*The provided heater jacket diameters in the table are indicative only and not precise. If using the heater towards the maximum diameter the jacket edges may not fasten. The optimum diameter for drum jacket compatibility to the drum should be at the mid-point of the minimum and maximum tolerances of the heater – this will ensure full surface heating coverage of the drum.

HTSD Drum HeatING Jacket Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage Thermostat Control Insulation Jacket Heated Material Power Cable Heating Element Fixing
110V or 230V 0°C to 120°C or 20°C to 220°C thermostat E-glass fibre blanket Silicone coated glass fibre cloth 4 metre H07RN-F Silicone insulated spiral wound resistance element Polypropylene webbing with quick release adjustable buckles
Drum Heater – High Temperature Drum Heating Jacket HTSD Test Data

Drum Heater – High Temperature Drum Heating Jacket HTSD Test Data

Drum Heater – High Temperature Drum Heating Jacket HTSD

HTSD Drum Heater Design Features

The drum heating element is stitched into an insulated jacket manufactured from a silicone coated glass cloth and insulated with an e-glass fibre blanket, complete with quick release buckles for ease of installation and removal. The heating jacket is double insulated for safety and all HTSD High Temperature Drum Heating Jackets are compliant with European Safety Standards.


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Viscosity Simulation: Substances have different viscosities – the substance on the left has lower viscosity than the substance on the right.


Frost Protection
Reduce Viscosity
Temperature Maintenance
Low Temperature Heat Up 0-20° Celsius
Medium Temperature Heat Up 21-50° Celsius
High Temperature Heat Up 50° Celsius


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Hazardous Area Drum Heaters (ATEX Certified) For Heating Drums In Zone 1 & Zone 2 Locations.


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Heating Drums: T&D stock drum heaters for industrial, non-hazardous and ATEX certified versions for potentially explosive atmospheres and hazardous area locations, Zone 1 & Zone 2.

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