Hazardous Area Float Switch (ATEX IECEX) – Deeter F/S-FP Explosion & Flameproof Sensor

Hazardous Area Float Switch (ATEX IECEX) - Deeter FS/FP Explosion & Flameproof Sensor

Explosion & Flameproof Liquid Level & Float Sensors

Deeter F/S-FP is an explosion & flameproof liquid level float switch suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in zone 1 and zone 2 hazardous areas.

The Deeter F/S-FP is made from 316 stainless steel, available in standard or customised lengths of up to 4 metres and uses reed switch of Hall Effect sensing technology for control and indication of a liquid level.

T&D distribute the complete range of Deeter Level Sensors and Float Switches.

Deeter F/S-FP Explosion & FlamepRoof Sensor


  • Suitable for gas and dust environments and for high liquid temperatures
  • ATEX & IECEx approvals
  • Up to 7 switch points on one stem
  • Custom made for mixed normally open/normally closed switches
  • M20 and ½”NPT cable connections
  • Narrow sensor stem and mounting for tanks without internal access
  • Flexible mounting option are possible


Hazardous Area Liquid Level Sensor Approval & Application StandardsATEX & IECEx
Ex CodingWith Mounting Adaptor:
Ex II 1/2G 2D
Ex d IIC (*) Ga/Gb
Ex t IIIC (*) Db IP68
-20°C≤Ta≤+85°CWithout Mounting Adaptor:
Ex II 2 GD
Ex d IIC (*) Gb
Ex t IIIC (*) Db IP68
-20°C≤Ta≤+85°C* Temperature class options to suit

  • environment and process temperatures
  • T5 / T100oC for process temperatures ≤ 85°C
  • T4 / T135oC for process temperatures ≤ 125°C
  • T3 / T200oC for process temperatures ≤ 180°C
Deeter Liquid Level Sensor TechnologyMagnetic float with reed switch or Hall Effect
IP rating with suitable cable glandIP66/68 for indoor or outdoor
Approximate Weight
ø12mm stem1kg +process connector + 0.5kg/Metre
ø8mm stem1kg +process connector + 0.3kg/Metre
Float Diameter: Specific gravity
ø12mm stemø53mm : 0.65
ø8mm stemø30mm : 0.75
Maximum Liquid Temperature
Reed switch-20 to +85°C
-20 to +125°C
-20 to +190°C
Hall Effect-10 to +45°C
Maximum Head Temperature-20 to +80°C
Maximum Operating Pressure150PSI / 10Bar standard
450PSI / 31Bar optional
Thread connection-Sensor tube½”-14 NPT
Thread connection-Wiring port½”-14 NPT or M20X1.5
Connection Head Height95mm
Switch Rating
>4 Point Reed Switch0 to 50Vdc. 1Amp. 50Watts Max
≤4 Point Reed Switch0 to 240vac. 1Amp. 50Watts max
Hall EffectOpen collector 28Vdc Max. 50mA Max
Altitude2000m Maximum
Pollution Degree (enclosure interior)2
Installation CategoryCat II

The F/S-FP hazardous area liquid level sensor holds ATEX & IECEx Ex d certification for use in most regions worldwide.

Hazardous Area Liquid Level Sensors & Float Switches (ATEX IECEx)

Hazardous Area Liquid Level Sensors & Float Switches (ATEX IECEx)

Hazardous Area Level Sensors & Float Switches

Level Sensors & Float Switches : ATEX IECEx & CSA Certified flameproof and explosion proof equipment is available for hazardous area applications. Image : ENPPI.

Liquid Level Sensors & Float Switches – Deeter Products

See how Deeter Electronics Group manufacture liquid level sensors and control equipment for commercial, industrial and hazardous area sensing of liquids with ATEX, IECEx and CSA Certified sensors. T&D can support, specify and supply explosion proof and flameproof level sensors for the global hazardous area industries including oil, gas and petrochemicals.

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