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Hazloc XEU1 Explosion Proof Heater

Hazloc XEU1 Explosion Proof Heater

Explosion Proof Electric Air Heater

CSA Certified

Hazloc XEU1 explosion proof electric air heater is a CSA certified hazardous area heater specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the explosive atmosphere and hazardous area industries.

The harsh operating conditions of heavy industry require electric heating equipment that is safe, reliable, dependable and certified according to the hazardous area classification.

XEU1 heaters are designed to provide either primary or supplementary heating for comfort or for freeze protection in areas that are classified by CSA as hazardous locations (Gas and Dust atmospheres) – see IECEx and ATEX explosion proof heaters for models certified according international & European classifications.

CSA Certified | Explosion-Proof Electric Air Heater For Hazardous Locationsp

CSA Certified | Explosion-Proof Electric Air Heater For Hazardous Locations

  • Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups C & D
  • Class II, Division 1 & 2, Groups F & G
  • Temperature Code T3B (3kW/35kW = T3A)
  • Class I, Zone 1 & 2, Groups IIA & IIB, T3

Hazloc Heaters XEu1

Product Benefits

All Hazloc Heaters XEU1 models have been designed to meet U.S. and Canadian (CSA) certification standards and the spark-resistant fan assembly is also compliant to AMCA 99-10, Type B.

There are three sizes of air heater in the Hazloc XEU1 range, all of which include ExCaliber high performance liquid-to-air heat-exchanger cores. These are available in thirty five models, all with varying voltage and heat output combinations to meet the specific requirements of the end user.

The XEU1 electric air heater is rugged and versatile and incorporates a high quality immersion heater, high performance fan and motor assembly, a sturdy 14 GA steel cabinet with a yellow epoxy/polyester powder-coating for corrosion resistance, a large control enclosure with an extra port for convenient wiring of an external room thermostat  and enclosure O-rings to minimise any ingress of moisture.

Hazloc ExCaliber Liquid-to-Air Heat-Exchanger Core

Hazloc ExCaliber Liquid-to-Air Heat-Exchanger Core

XEU1 heaters are suitable for a wide variety of applications which include, but are not limited to, oil & gas drilling rigs, petrochemical facilities, refineries, chemical storage and handling facilities, paint storage areas, sewage treatment plants, aircraft servicing areas, grain elevators, coal preparation areas, and other areas which are subject to combustible dusts such as flour, wood, plastics or chemicals.

ExCaliber Liquid-to-Air Heat-Exchanger Cores

All XEU1 ExCaliber liquid-to-air heat-exchanger cores are evacuated, sealed and constructed using rugged carbon-steel tubes with copperfree, roll-formed aluminium fins in order to maximise heat transfer and carbon-steel headers for maximum durability, resistance to corrosion, and a longer life in demanding applications. The cores are protected by a pressure relief device, automatic reset high limit, and a back-up manual reset high limit.

The XEU1 heater has the highest air temperature rise, on average, in the industry across the complete kW range.

ExCaliber heat-exchanger core is easy to remove when required.

ExCaliber liquid-to-air heat-exchanger cores

Hazloc ExCaliber Liquid-to-Air Heat-Exchanger Core

Key Features of Hazloc Heaters XEU1

  • Aluminium louvres attached to dimpled cabinet panels for easy control of air flow direction
  • Four mounting holes in top panel for dynamic load mounting
  • High-quality pressure relief device prevents premature venting
  • Stiffened top panel improves mounting strength
  • 1″ NPT main electrical entry – no disconnect fitted & 1″ NPT main electrical entry for disconnect option
  • Additional 3/4″ NPT entry for installation of remote room thermostat
  • Large control box & opening for easy access to controls
  • Aluminium fan blade with easy-off replacement feature
  • Epoxy/Polyester coated 14-gauge steel cabinet construction for durability
  • Robust three-piece motor mount design prevents premature cracking
  • Automatic and manual high limits in element enclosure housing for added protection
  • Optional built-in room thermostat T1 (Bi-metal) or T2 (Electronic)
  • Epoxy coated split fan guard for easy access to fan blade
  • Roll formed fin tubes for longer life & better performance
  • O-rings on control & element enclosure lids to minimise moisture ingress
  • 120VAC controls (24VAC option)
  • Optional LED pilot light, built-in room thermostat & disconnect switch
Hazloc Heaters XEU1 hazardous area heaters product features

Hazloc Heaters XEU1 Hazardous Area Heaters Product Features

Hazloc Heaters XEU1 – Technical Specification

Hazardous Area ApprovalsCertificationCCSAUS 235730 – Certified to Canadian and U.S. standards
North American
Hazardous Location
Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups C & D
Class II, Division 1 & 2, Groups F & G
Temperature Code T3B (3kW/35kW =T3A)
Class I, Zone 1 & 2, Groups IIA & IIB, T3
Temperature CodeDivision System – T3B 165°C (329°F); [3kW/35kW = T3A 180°C (356°F)]
Zone System – T3 200°C (392°F)
CabinetCabinet Material14-gauge (0.075 in.) (1.9 mm) steel. Yellow epoxy/polyester powder coated
with five-stage pre-treatment, including iron phosphate
Fan GuardSplit design with close wire spacing. A 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) diameter probe will not
enter. Black polyester powder coated
Louvre BladesAnodised extruded aluminium
Conduit Materials & FittingsPlated steel and aluminium alloy for corrosion resistance
FastenersZinc plated steel for corrosion resistance
EnclosuresCast aluminium (non-copper alloy) NEMA 7 & 9 type with O-ring
Mounting Holes9/16” diameter holes – Four located on the top face of heater
Motor/FanMotor TypeExplosion-proof, thermally protected, 1725 RPM permanently lubricated ball bearing type with 56 frame and “easy-off” fan blade replacement feature
FanThree-blade spark-resistant aluminium, steel spider and hub with 5/8 in. bore
Fan ShroudSpark-resistant aluminium. Compliant to AMCA 99-10, Type B
Heat ExchangerHeating ElementsLong-life, low watt-density, high grade metal-sheathed
Heat Transfer FluidEthylene glycol and water including corrosion inhibitors
Header MaterialCarbon steel
ExCaliber CoreCarbon steel headers and element housing with O-ring. Fin tubes are carbon steel tubes with copper-free, roll-formed aluminium fins @ 10 fins per in. Vacuum sealed. Coated with black, high-heat enamel
ProtectionTemperature High LimitsOne automatic reset rated for 100,000 cycles, and one manual reset. Both are
snap-action bi-metal type, open on temperature rise
Pressure ReliefHigh-quality stainless steel pressure relief device
ControlsControl CircuitBuilt-in 120VAC or 24VAC control (24VAC recommended)
Control Contactor40 FLA (50A resistive per pole) Definite Purpose.
Rated for 500,000 mechanical operations.
Control TransformerMultitap primary, 120VAC or 24VAC secondary
Fuse ProtectionThermal delay fuse with spare, .25” x 1.25” , 120VAC = 1/4A, 24VAC = 1A
Room Thermostat With Lockable Temperature Dial (option code T1 or T2)Built-in, BTX1-N-A (T1) or XET1-1-N-A (T2) explosion-proof thermostat, 40°F to 80°F (5°C to 25°C). Conduit is factory sealed between enclosures. Wall mount thermostats also available. Note: Optional BLK1-N-A thermostat conversion kit allows simple interchangeability from a built-in to a wall mount configuration.
Load IsolationDisconnect SwitchBuilt-in, XDC-01 explosion-proof disconnect switch, 600VAC, 50A max with
lock-out feature. Conduit is factory sealed between enclosures. Also available
in a wall mount version.
Additional OptionsPilot LightBuilt-in “Heat on” Green LED pilot light with lens guard
Continuous FanContinuous fan operation. Circulates air and prevents gas pockets from forming
Heresite CoatingH1 = Heresite Core; or H2 = Heresite Cabinet (includes louvers & fan blade); or H3 = Heresite Core and Cabinet. Note: Contact T&D for Heresite delivery lead time.
Operating LimitsAmbient Temperature-40°F to 104°F (-40°C to 40°C). Storage: -58°F to 140°F (-50°C to 60°C)
Maximum Altitude10,000 ft (3048 m) above sea level
Hazloc Heaters

Hazloc Heaters for Explosive Atmospheres & Hazardous Area Locations


XEU1 Specifications By Model Size

Heater ModelXEU1-12XEU1-16XEU1-20
Fan diameter
12″ (304.8mm)16″ (406.4mm)20″ (508.0mm)
Nominal kW357.5101520253035
Air Delivery350 cfm
595 m³/hr
400 cfm
680 m³/hr
600 cfm
1019 m³/hr
800 cfm
1359 m³/hr
1200 cfm
2039 m³/hr
1700 cfm
2888 m³/hr
2100 cfm
3568 m³/hr
3000 cfm
5097 m³/hr
3000 cfm
5097 m³/hr
Approximate Air Velocity422fpm
2.1 m/s
479 fpm
2.4 m/s
718 fpm
3.6 m/s
958 fpm
5.9 m/s
808 fpm
4.1 m/s
1145 fpm
5.8 m/s
916 fpm
4.6 m/s
1309 fpm
6.6 m/s
1309 fpm
6.6 m/s
Approximate Horizontal Air Throw13 ft
3.9 m
15 ft
4.6 m
22 ft
6.7 m
30 ft
9.1 m
33 ft
10.1 m
46 ft
14.0 m
41 ft
12.5 m
61 ft
18.6 m
61 ft
18.6 m
Motor Power¼ hp (186 watts)¼ hp (186 watts)½ hp (373 watts)
Maximum Mounting Height (to underside of heater)7 ft
2.1 m
7 ft
2.1 m
7.5 ft
2.3 m
9.5 ft
2.9 m
10 ft
3.0 m
11 ft
3.4 m
12 ft
3.6 m
15 ft
4.6 m
15 ft
4.6 m


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Hazloc Heaters are global suppliers and manufacturers of industrial and explosion-proof heaters and thermostats for hazardous areas and severe duty locations – this includes industrial heating products for non-hazardous and severe-duty applications. Explosion proof and hazardous area certifications include North American (NEC & CE), International (CENELEC & IEC), European (ATEX) and Russian EAEU (EAC EX).

Heating Hazardous Areas With Electrical Heaters

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