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Portable Fans & Temporary Ventilation for Hazardous Areas with ATEX Certification

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The Ramfan ATEX and IECEx certified range of portable ventilation fans are suitable for use in Zone 1 & Zone 2 Explosive Atmospheres & Hazardous Area Zones  – the portable fan has an IP55 rating. The hazardous area ventilation fan is supplied complete with duct adapters and ATX plug.


The Ramfan range of portable fans provide reliable ventilation with strong airflows of oxygen for confined spaces and explosive atmospheres. Ventilation is essential to making explosive atmospheres and confined spaces safe. Confined spaces can have a lack of oxygen or the presence of poisonous and flammable gases, dusts, fumes or vapours. These explosive atmospheres can be ventilated using ATEX Ramfans from Wolf Safety Lamp in order to make the hazardous area environment safe to work in.

Feature & Benefits of the ATEX Certified Ramfan Fan for Hazardous Areas

  • High pressure axial blower
  • Durable, PC/ABS anti-static casing is weatherproof, dent resistant, v0 flame retardant and chemical resistant
  • 2 integrated duct adapters for improved ventilation
  • Starter secured in flameproof motor enclosure to prevent risk of ignition when powered on. Use pull switch to active ventilator
  • Compact and lightweight portable fan
  • IP55 rain switch enclosure
Ramfan is a world leading manufacturer of portable fans and ventilators for confined spaces and hazardous areas

Ramfan is a world leading manufacturer of portable fans and ventilators for confined spaces and hazardous area zone locations where potentially explosive risks (flammable gas or combustible dusts) necessitate a compliant and certified ventilation fan in accordance with ATEX & IECEx.

Portable ATEX Ventilation & Lighting

for Explosive Atmospheres & Hazardous Areas

Ramfan is a world leading manufacturer of portable fans and ventilators, commonly referred to as Air Movers, for confined spaces and hazardous areas – the range of Ramfans are trusted and specified for ventilating and exhausting workplaces with potentially explosive atmospheres. In 2019, Wolf Safety Lamp were appointed Exclusive UK Distributor for the Ramfan – Wolf are the UK’s leading manufacturer of ATEX & IECEx portable and temporary safety lighting accredited for use in hazardous locations. Thorne & Derrick, Experts in Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres, can provide competitive prices and excellent customer service to support the specification and sale of Hazardous Area Temporary & Portable Ventilation & Lighting Products.

Should you require any customer service or support to enable the correct selection of Ramfan portable ventilation equipment please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Choose from a wide range of Ramfan Portable Ventilation Products such as industrial fans, blowers and ducts distributed in the UK by Wolf.

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