Drum Heaters Supplied For Wax Containers & Hazardous Area Heating

Published 12 Dec 2016

Drum Heaters

IBC & Drum Heaters: T&D International are the UK’s largest stockist and supplier of Insulated Heating Jackets for Drums & Containers.

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Drum Heaters To Melt Waxes & Resins

Drum heating jackets can be used to consistently heat the drum container and raise the temperature, allowing for easy management of contents with uniform surface heating of drums containing waxes. Wax is solid at ambient temperature and requires heating to the melting point to convert to a liquid state.

T&D provide standard and bespoke heating solutions to drums, containers and storage vessels for an extensive range of waxes:

Natural Waxes

  • Vegetable Waxes – carnauba, candelilla, soy
  • Animal Waxes – beeswax, lanolin, tallow
  • Mineral Waxes – fossil/earth (cereson, montan) or petroleum (paraffin, microcrystalline)

Synthetic Man-Made Waxes

  • Hydrocarbon (eg Fischer-Tropsch)
  • Ethylenic Polymers (eg polyethylene)
  • Chlorinated Naphtalenes
Wax Heating

Contact T&D To Discuss Your Wax Drum & Container Heating Applications

Some substances are highly viscous or solid at ambient temperatures making them difficult to decant and have very high melting points. Wax in particular can require high temperatures before becoming manageable – for instance, paraffin wax has a typical melting point between about 46°C and 68°C (115 and 154°F).

T&D are able to provide drum heating jackets and equipment to suit a range of drum container sizes including high temperature heated jackets and base drum heaters to melt solidified substances and reduce viscosity.

A range of high temperature drum heating jackets are available for 25, 50, 105 and 200 litre steel drum containers. Alternatively, custom drum heaters can be provided to fit other container sizes.

To further increase the temperature of 200 litre drums to higher temperatures in a reduced time period a base drum heater can be used.

Drum Heater Jackets Supplied To Keep The Air Fresh

T&D have provided 25L drum heater jackets to many industries and applications including cleaning and hygiene chemical manufacturers.

T&D were approached to provide a solution when problems occurred when trying to empty the contents of a 25L drum container which had arrived from overseas.

The drum containers held a chemical which at low temperatures was difficult to remove and as a result was slowing down the production process.

T&D provided a solution with the HISD/A drum heater jacket for 25L containers, this allowed the client to heat up the container to reduce the viscosity of the chemical allowing the contents to easily be removed and avoid production delays.

HISD/A drum heater jackets can be fitted with either a 0-40ºC or 0-90ºC adjustable thermostat, a 4 metre power cable and adjustable quick release buckles to secure the jacket to the drum container.

ATEX & IECEX Certified IBC Heating Jacket

Heat up IBC & Totes in Hazardous Areas 

Visit Hazardous Area IBC Heaters for container heating solutions in potentially explosive atmospheres, including Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous locations.

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