Heat Trace Tape – 5 Brilliant Benefits Of Truly Flexible Heating Cables

Published 19 May 2021

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Heat Trace Tape

Heat tape, is the term traditionally used to describe a common heat tracing cable or heating cable. The limited flexibility of “traditional” heat tape can make applying to small diameters of pipework or complex shapes difficult.

The good news is there is a more flexible solution available. Introducing, BriskHeat’s XtremeFLEX® Heating Tapes. These trace heating cables are truly flexible and can be easily wrap around objects as small as a pencil!

Unlike “traditional” heat trace tape, XtremeFLEX® heating tapes can be easily removed and re-installed in a variety of applications. These re-usable heating tapes are the perfect tool for unexpected maintenance, where quick heat is needed. Below are 5 benefits of truly flexible XtremeFLEX® heating tapes.

These heating tapes can be used as an efficient solution for your freeze protection, viscosity control or process maintenance problems.

XtremeFlex Flexible Heating Tapes

XtremeFlex Flexible Heating Tapes

Heat Trace Tape – The 5 Benefits

Benefit 1: Easily Wraps Around More Objects
Whether your application is a small diameter pipe, laboratory glassware, a valve, or a complicated piece of machinery, XtremeFLEX® heat trace tapes are easy to install and even easier to operate.

Flexible Heat Tape Easily Wraps Around More Objects

Flexible Heat Tape Easily Wraps Around More Objects

The patented heating element and structural design gives the tapes the ability to accommodate a variety of applications with less installation hassle than other heat trace solutions.

The durability and flexibility of XtremeFLEX® heating tapes allows them to twist, turn, bend and wrap around many objects. XtremeFLEX® heating tapes is easy to install, quick fix for unexpected maintenance control problems.

Benefit 2: Provides More Intimate Contact with the Application
With XtremeFLEX® heating tapes, achieving intimate contact with a variety of objects is not a problem. Having a tape that provides intimate contact with the application allows more heat to be transferred to the object and less heat lost to the air.

XtremeFLEX® heating tapes have the ability to contour to the surface and shape you are heating with more intimate contact and surface coverage than traditional surface heating products. Providing intimate contact ultimately reduces both the objects heat-up time and your production down-time.

Heating Tape Provides More Intimate Contact With The Application

Heating Tape Provides More Intimate Contact With The Application

Benefit 3: Faster Heat-Up
XtremeFLEX® heating tapes provide results quickly unlike other heat trace solutions. BriskHeat’s heating tapes are manufactured to have a more rapid heat-up time. XtremeFLEX® heating tapes have a high watt density, which allows them to heat-up quicker and heat up to higher temperatures. The rapid heat-up time makes for a more efficient and less time consuming solution for your application.

Benefit 4: Heating Cables Reach Higher Temperatures
XtremeFLEX® heat tracing cables have the ability to reach temperatures up to 760°C (1400°F). These flexible heating tapes are the ideal solution for any application that requires high temperatures quickly. The faster heat-up times and higher temperatures make XtremeFLEX® heating tapes suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Benefit 5: Durable & Long Lasting Heat Trace Cable Solution
XtremeFLEX® heating tapes are designed to be durable and long lasting. These XtremeFLEX® heating tapes are manufactured with a multi-strand resistance wire technology. This core technology provides durability for a long service life.

Heat Trace Tape

Heating Tapes

The multi-strand resistance wire provides flexibility for the heating tapes to be twisted, turned, bent and wrapped around objects without losing or shape. You can be confident that these truly flexible tapes have the durability and high performance standards for industrial use.

Flexible Heat Tape Provides A Durable Long Lasting Solution

Flexible Heat Tape Provides A Durable Long Lasting Solution

BriskHeat’s XtremeFLEX® heating tapes can be used on a wide range of applications. BriskHeat offers three types of flexible heating tapes that are sure to fit your heating needs. The three types of XtremeFLEX® Flexible Heating Tapes available are: moisture and chemical resistant mid-temperature silicone rubber heating tape, high-temperature cloth heating tape and small diameter high-temperature heating cord.

Silicone Rubber, Cloth Tape And Heating Cord heat trace cable

Silicone Rubber, Cloth Tape And Heating Cord Heat Trace Cable

Don’t be traditional when you could use the benefits of BriskHeat’s XtremeFLEX® heating tapes to your advantage. Heat your applications quickly and efficiently with XtremeFLEX® heating tapes!

XtremeFLEX® heating tapes wrap around objects with diameters as small as ½ inch (12mm). They truly are flexible tapes that are easy-to-use and even easier to install.

They are the perfect tool for unexpected maintenance, where quick heat is needed. Easily remove and re-install the flexible heating tapes when an unexpected maintenance application occurs.

XtremeFLEX® heating tapes are the ideal solution for any application that requires high temperatures fast.

Built for long-lasting use in any environment, no matter the application, there is a heating tape for you.

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