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Published 08 Sep 2021

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  • by Terry McDonald - Thorne & Derrick Business Development Manager

➡ The following is a selection of our most read Articles about Trace Heating and the requirement for electrical heating products and systems to counteract and mitigate the Winter weather effects of freezing temperatures in commercial, industrial and hazardous area applications.

Read on:

  1. The Next Generation Electrical Fan Heaters For Hazardous Areas
  2. ATEX Compliant Heaters for Explosive Atmospheres in the Defence Industry
  3. Dog House Heating | Comfort Heating For Offshore Workers
  4. Heat Tracing Cables & Trace Heating Systems for the Offshore Gas Industry
  5. Heat Tracing Frost Protection For Tanks And Vessels – Prevent Freezing This Winter
  6. Heat Tracing Cable – How To Stop Pipes Freezing Throughout Winter
  7. Prevention of Crystallisation – Drum & IBC Heating Solutions
  8. Winterisation – Electrical Heating Mitigation Measures To Counteract Freezing Temperatures
  9. Heat Tracing Cables For Pipework Frost Protection By ElthermHeat Tracing I Trace Heating Experts
  10. How To Stop Drums Freezing By Using Drum Heaters
  11. Drum Heating – Applications Advice For Heating Drum Contents
  12. Roof & Gutter Heating – Using Heat Tracing To Prevent Roof & Gutter Snow & Ice Build Up
  13. Prevent Freezing Pipes Using Heat Tracing Cable For Frost Protection
  14. Heat Tracing Cables & Systems (+Videos) – Protecting Pipes From Freezing Temperatures
  15. Electrical Heating & Winterisation for Hazardous Areas & Explosive Atmospheres
  16. Winterisation | Electrical Heating Solutions to Overcome Cold Climate Challenges
  17. Winterisation for Cold Climate Operations | Boaty McBoatface
  18. Insulation Jackets | Plant Winterisation & Frost Protection Heating Jackets
  19. Electrical Rail Heat Tracing | Freeze Protection For Railways
  20. Heated Hoses | Temperature Maintenance In Hot and Cold Bitumen Processes In Industrial & Hazardous Areas
  21. External Fire Escape Staircases | Trace Heating & Frost Protection Systems
  22. Heat Tracing Cables for LNG Tanks | Foundation Freeze Prevention In Industrial & Hazardous Areas
  23. Stop The Slips With T&D Ramp Heating Solution
  24. UKCA Conformity Assessment | EXHEAT Industrial LTD & Thorne & Derrick Statement
  25. Heat Tracing & Heated Hoses for Automotive Industry | Temperature Maintenance In Adhesive Technology In Industrial & Hazardous Areas
  26. Pipe Heat Tracing Cables for Solar (CSP) | Temperature Maintenance & Freeze Prevention In Industrial & Hazardous Areas
  27. 3 Million Metres & Counting……
  28. Weatherise Air Compressors | A Heating Solution For Offshore Well Testing
  29. Silicone | The Benefits of Silicone for Heating Applications
  30. Roof & Gutter Heat Trace Systems | Wimbledon Centre Court | Project Application

Working in a dark confined space this Winter? Does your plant have a lighting requirement? Check out the below blogs:

  1. Confined Spaces | Light, Power, Heat & Ventilation for Explosive Atmospheres
  2. Confined Space Lighting In Hazardous Areas Using LED Portable Light from Wolf Safety
  3. ATEX Tank Lighting | Portable Lighting Solution For Pitch Black Tank By Wolf
  4. Hazardous Area Lighting For Distilleries
  5. Spartan Linear Generation II | Raytec Case Study
  6. Raytec SPARTAN Linear Generation II | The Evolution
  7. How to Achieve Energy Efficiency With Carbon Reductions by ATEX LED Lighting Upgrades


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