Spectrex 40/40 UV/IR Flame Detector – ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 Hazardous Area & SIL2

Spectrex 40/40 UVIR Flame Detector

Spectrex 40/40 UVIR Flame Detector

Flame Detector

Hazardous Area | ATEX Certified

Spectrex flame detectors are trusted and specified throughout the UK and international hazardous area industries to provide reliable flame detection in potentially explosive atmospheres according to IECEx and ATEX (Zone 1 & Zone 2).

The Spectrex 40/40 UV/IR is a flame detector manufactured by Spectrex with a combination of both UV and IR sensors and is available in two options. The 40/40L (& LB) model’s IR sensor operates at a wavelength of 2.5-3.0 μm and is able to detect hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires as well as metal and inorganic fires. The 40/40L4 (& L4B) is similar to 40/40L only differences being the wavelength of 4.5 μm and is only suitable for hydrocarbon-based fires.

Spectrex 40/40 UV/IR flame detector senses radiant energy in the short wave section of both the ultraviolet and infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Both signals are then analysed for frequency, intensity and duration.

When radiant energy is detected in both the UV and IR sensors an alarm is triggered and the UV sensor is able to prevent false alarms caused by solar radiation thanks to a special logic circuit.

The 40/40 UV/IR flame detector is weather resistant, highly dependable and SIL2 (TUV) approved to IEC 61508 due to increased reliability the flame detector now has a warranty period of 5 years.

Spectrex 40/40 UV/IR Flame Detector Features & Benefits

  • High-Speed Response – 150 msec Response to Saturated Signal
  • Suitable for arduous weather conditions thanks to heated window
  • Solar blind
  • Automatic and Manual Built-In-Test (BIT)
  • SIL2 – TUV approval
  • High Reliability – MTBF – minimum 150,000 hours
  • Multiple output options for maximum flexibility and compatibility – Relays (3) for Alarm, Fault and Auxiliary – 0-20mA (stepped) – HART Protocol for maintenance and asset management – RS-485, Modbus Compatible
  • 5 year warranty and user programmable via HART or RS-485

Protect life and infrastructure in hazardous area industries and potentially explosive atmosphere with Spectrex flame and gas detectors from the SharpEye range.

Spectrex 40/40 UV/IR Specification

Spectral Response 40/40L–LB: UV: 0.185 – 0.260 μm; IR: 2.5-3.0 μm, 40/40L4–L4B: UV: 0.185 – 0.260 μm; IR: 4.4-4.6 μm
Response Time Typically 5 seconds. High speed 150 msec response to saturated signal
Adjustable Time Delay Up to 30 seconds
Sensitivity Ranges 1 ft2 (0.1m2) n-heptane pan fire from 50 ft (15m)
Field of View Horizontal 100º; Vertical 95º
Built-in-Test (BIT) Automatic (and Manual)
Temperature Range Operating: -67°F to +167ºF (-55ºC to +75ºC)
Option: -67ºF to +185ºF (-55ºC to +85ºC
Storage: -67ºF to +185ºF (-55ºC to +85ºC)
Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing (withstands up to 100% RH for short periods)
Heated Optics To eliminate condensation and icing on the window

SPECTREX 40/40I TRIPLE IR (IR3) Detection range

Detection Range(at highest Sensitivity Setting for 1ft2 (0.1m2) pan fire) 
Fuel ft / m Fuel ft / m Fuel ft / m
n-Heptane 50 / 15 Kerosene 37 / 11 Hydrogen** / Methane* – 16 / 5
Gasoline 50 / 15 Ethanol 95% 25 / 7.5 LPG * 16 / 5
Diesel Fuel 37 / 11 Methanol 25 / 7.5 Polypropylene Pellets 13 / 4
JP5 37 / 11 PA (Isopropyl Alcohol) 25 / 7.5 Office Paper 16 / 5

* 20″ (0.5m) high, 8″ (0.2m) width plume fire ** 40/40L/LB only

Spectrex 40/40 Flame Detector Series

Spectrex 40/40 UV/IR Flame Detector

ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 Hazardous Area & SIL2

Ex approved for Zone 1 hazardous area location

Spectrex Flame Detectors

Spectrex Flame Detectors are ATEX & IECEx Certified.

  • ATEX
  • IECEx
  • FM/FMC
  • CSA

3rd party performance tested

  • EN54-10 (LPCB)
  • FM3260 (FM)
  • DNV Marine Approval


SPECTREX 40/40I TRIPLE IR (IR3) Applications

  • Offshore oil & gas installations
  • Onshore oil & gas installations and pipelines
  • Chemical plants
  • Petrochemicals plants
  • Storage tank farms
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Power generation facilities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Printing
  • Warehouses
  • Automotive
  • Explosives & Munitions
  • Waste disposal facilities
  • Aerospace industry
  • Paint, polymer and glue processes

Emerson Process Management Acquisition With Spectrex

In 2015 Spectrex were acquired by Emerson Process Management. The acquisition has strengthened Emerson’s product offering as they now have a comprehensive line of flame, gas and ultrasonic leak detector solutions used for safety monitoring in the industry.

Spectrex Flame Detectors

Spectrex Flame Detectors : Infra-red (IR) & ultra-violet (UV) based flame detectors for quickly detecting flames from gas and fuel fires generated from hydrocarbons, hydrogen, metals, inorganic and hydroxyl sources.

 ➡ T&D Sales Team are able to support the specification and supply of their flammable and toxic gas detectors. Additionally, T&D are CompEx Certificated and competent in understanding hazardous area classifications and site requirements for the sale of explosion and flameproof equipment.

Flame, Heat, Gas Detectors & Detection Systems

ATEX Beacon

Hazardous area industries including offshore oil/gas platforms and FPSOs, onshore oil refineries, processing plants, pipelines, storage farms and LPG/LNG plants all utilise or produce a wide range of hazardous flammable liquids and gases that can be detected using correctly specified flame and gas detectors.

Detecting toxic and flammable gases requires the detectors to be classified and certified according to the specific IECEx or ATEX standard – we distribute flame detectors manufactured by Spectrex to operate in the harshest environmental conditions including self-contained stand-alone devices designed for direct connection to control and alarm systems or automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Our range of Hazardous Area Fire & Gas Detection System products also includes Explosion Proof Warning Systems – comprehensive range of intrinsically safe, flameproof and explosion proof alarm sounders, sirens, bells and horns, loudspeakers and beacons.

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