Ashcroft Industrial Pressure Gauges

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Ashcroft Industrial Pressure Gauges

Ashcroft Industrial Pressure Gauges

Ashcroft Industrial pressure gauges offer exceptional quality,durability and product longevity and are the ideal choice for most applications and installation requirements.

Applications for Ashcroft industrial pressure gauges include  Pumps and Compressors, Boilers, Equipment Skids, Specialized OEM Equipment, Deionised Water, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Severe Ambient Conditions.

The range of Ashcroft industrial pressure gauges are well suited for use in harsh environments and resist chemical, weather or corrosion effects.

Industrial process pressure gauges can be operated at a range of temperatures from -40 to +40°C.

The range of Ashcroft Industrial Pressure gauges includes:

Ashcroft 1009 Duralife® 2.5/3.5 Inch Pressure GaugeAshcroft 1009 4.5/6 Inch Pressure Gauge
 Ashcroft 1008S/SL 63/100mm Pressure Gauge Ashcroft 1008S/SL 63/100mm Pressure Gauge Center Back Connection
 Ashcroft 1008S 40/50mm Pressure GaugeAshcroft 2008 Panel Pressure Gauge
 Ashcroft 1038A Duplex Pressure Gauge Ashcroft 1339A Duplex Pressure Gauge
 Ashcroft 1122 Pressure Gauge Ashcroft 1150H Reid Vapor Test Gauge
 Ashcroft 1187 Low Pressure Bellows Gauge Ashcroft 1490 Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauge
 Ashcroft 1495 Low Pressure Diaphragm Receiver Gauge Ashcroft 1188 Low Pressure Bellows Gauge


➡ For further information about Ashcroft Industrial Pressure Gauges please visit the product sections below – contact T&D to discuss process pressure and level measurement applications.