ASCO Pilot Valves (Solenoid Type)

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ASCO Pilot Valves

ASCO Pilot Valves

As ASCO Approved Channel Partners, T&D can provide competitive prices, excellent customer service and fast delivery from stock or via ASCO Express same day shipment programme on the complete range of ASCO pilot valves.

Direct Acting ASCO Pilot Valves

With direct acting pilot valves all the energy for the operation is derived from electrical energy that is transformed into mechanical movement in the solenoid operator. Since the required force is equal to the surface times pressure (F= PxA), the larger the orifice/flow the higher the required electrical power. The advantage is its simplicity and reliability. For small flows and 2/2 and 3/2 solenoid valves it is also very cost efficient.

Valves – Direct Acting & Pilot Operated

Direct Acting Pilot Valves

  • Energy for the operation comes from the solenoid operator
  • High electrical power level for high flows
  • Operates from zero pressure differential (electrical power only)
  • No bleed holes or bleed channels
  • Less risk of valve malfunction
  • Also selected for standardization
ASCO Pilot Valves

ASCO 320 Series Pilot Valves – available in brass and stainless steel (NC, NO & U versions).

Pilot Operated Valves

  • Pressure is assisting the valve operation
  • Lower electrical power level
  • Needs minimum pressure differential for operation
  • Bleed holes or channels
  • More economical choice of valve for higher flow values

Mounting pilot valve options:

  1. Pilot valve directly mounted on the actuator
  2. Pilot valve remotely mounted/centralised
  3. Pilot valve integrated in the actuator or process valve
ASCO Pilot Valves

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Solenoid Valves - ASCO

➡ For further information about ASCO Pilot Valves please refer to the product sections below – should you need assistance with the selection and purchase of any ASCO valve please do not hesitate to contact us. See ASCO solenoid valves for the complete range of flow control valves for air, gas, water, oil, and steam.