Drum Heaters – Silicone Side Drum Heater HSSD

Drum Heaters – Silicone Side Drum Heater

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HSSD drum heaters are silicone side drum heaters that are made from silicone rubber with double insulation construction –  available in a range of sizes 25, 50, 105, 200 litre with power outputs up to 1500W.

This range of drum heaters is suitable for aggressive heating applications as the HSSD is moisture and chemical resistant and is able to offer high powered heating performance regardless of application.

HSSD silicone side drum heaters are fitted with either a 0-90ºC, 0-120ºC (capillary) or 0-180ºC (electronic) thermostat for accurate heating and temperature control. The PFA coated multi-stranded resistance wires are suitable or use with materials such as soaps, fats,foodstuff and chemicals as they can be pumped or poured with ease. Printing is also available detailing the exact specifications for the element.

If faster drum heating is required, the HSSD drum heater can be used in conjunction with a base drum heater to significantly reduce heating time. Bespoke versions can be manufactured to meet a variety of specifications and budgets.

Silicone is the perfect material for use in the construction of high powered heating elements as it offers low thermal mass and excellent thermal transfer properties.

Drum Heater

Silicone Side Drum Heater HSSD

Part NumberDescriptionDimensionsPower Output (W)
HF5-A25 Litre Drum Heater Jacket125mm x 800mm300W
HF5-B50 Litre Drum Heater Jacket125mm x 940mm500W
HF5-C105 Litre Drum Heater Jacket125mm x 1300mm800W
HF5-D200 Litre Drum Heater Jacket125mm x 1665mm1000W
HF5IJD-D200 Litre Drum Heater Jacket180mm x 1665mm1000W or 1500W

HSSD Drum Heater Technical Specifications

Supply VoltageThermostat ControlMaterialPower CableFixing
110V or 230VCapillary Thermostat or Electronic Thermostat 0-120°C or 0-180°CPFA multi strand resistance wires and wiched between silicone rubber and glass fibre sheets2 Metre HO7RN-FStainless steel plates or hooks and spring
Drum Heater – Silicone Side Drum Heater HSSD Test Data

Drum Heater – Silicone Side Drum Heater HSSD Test Data

Drum Heater – Silicone Side Drum Heater HSSD

HSSD Drum Heater Design Features


Drum Heater Jackets

Drum Heating - Viscosity

Viscosity Simulation: Substances have different viscosities – the substance on the left has lower viscosity than the substance on the right.


Frost Protection
Reduce Viscosity
Temperature Maintenance
Low Temperature Heat Up 0-20° Celsius
Medium Temperature Heat Up 21-50° Celsius
High Temperature Heat Up 50° Celsius


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