IBC Heater Jackets – Insulated IBC Jacket For Containers

IBC Heater Jackets

IBC Heaters & Insulated Heating Jackets

IBC Heating Jackets

IBC heater jackets from T&D provide electrical heating and frost protection to liquids stored in IBC’s, typically 1000 litre containers.

IBC heaters and IBC heating jackets can help to reduce the viscosity of fats, oils, foodstuffs and chemicals and are in widespread service throughout the pharmaceutical, chemicals, cosmetics, food processing, manufacturing and hazardous area industries.

T&D can provide a selection of standard IBC heater jackets suitable for different requirements and additionally can supply ATEX certified IBC heaters suitable for hazardous area heating of containers.

The Different Types Of IBC

An IBC is a reusable industrial container designed for the bulk storage and transport of liquid or granular based substances. Typically, an IBC is constructed from a white plastic container housed in a galvanised iron cage – this is the most common design however there are full metal IBCs, foldable and more flexible options available.

SCHÜTZ packaging systems are the market leader for the manufacture of IBC’s with their Ecobulk container the most popular option. The Ecobulk provides a system for most requirements and ensures consistent quality, compatability and transport safety. T&D can provide “off-the-shelf” or bespoke IBC heater options to suit all requirements.

Schutz Ecobulk IBC Containers

Schutz Ecobulk IBC Containers

IBC1 Heating Jackets

Ideal for Frost Protection Applications

IBC1 Heating Jacket

IBC1 Heating Jacket

The IBC1 heating jacket is designed to be a low cost heating solution for the frost protection of IBC’s and containers with low temperature maintenance requirements.

The IBC1 has a single heated circuit of 1300W and has a -5-40ºC adjustable thermostat – available to suit 110V or 230V supply voltages.

IBC2 & HIBC/B IBC Heating Jacket

Ideal for Frost Protection, Temperature Maintenance & Heat Up Applications

IBC2 Heating Jacket

IBC2 Heating Jacket

For applications that require IBC containers to be heated up over a time period and maintained, T&D supply either the IBC2 or the HIBC/B heater jacket.

The IBC2 has two heating circuits of 1100W to provide a combined power output of 2200W.

Each heating circuit comes with a choice of either a -5-40ºC or 0-90ºC adjustable thermostat and is available to suit 110V or 230V supply voltages.

The HIBC/B has two heating circuits of 1000W for a total power output of 2000W.

Each heating circuit comes with an adjustable thermostat with a range of 0-40ºC or 0-90ºC and is available to suit 110V or 230V supply voltages.

IBC3 Heating Jacket

Temperature Maintenance & Heat up Applications

IBC3 Heating Jacket

IBC3 Heating Jacket

For high temperature applications or heating applications that require shorter heat up times T&D recommend the IBC3 container heater.

IBC3 has three heating circuits of 1050W that provide a combined power output 3150W.

A 0-90ºC adjustable thermostat is provided for each heating circuit – only available for 230V power supplies.

IBC Jackets

Key Product Features

HIBC/A Silicone IBC Heater Mats

Thorne & Derrick can also provide an IBC heated solution for ‘Bag-In-A-Box’ type containers – the HIBC/A is a silicone heater mat designed to be placed underneath the container before filling.

The HIBC/A comes with a digital temperature controller to monitor the temperature and is available to suit 110V or 230V supply voltages. At 230V the HIBC/A has a power output of 2700W and at 110V the output is 1800W.

IBC Heater - Silicone Mat Heater

IBC/A Silicone Mat Heater – electric surface heating for products contained in a “bag-in-box” intermediate bulk container (IBC).

silicone heating specialists

Silicone Heaters: Contact T&D for Silicone Heating Pads, Mats & Heaters.

ATEX Certified IBC Heater Jackets

Hazardous Areas Zone 1 & Zone 2

ATEX IBC Heating Jackets Hazardous Area Classification

ATEX IBC Heating Jackets Hazardous Area Classification

T&D offer a full range of hazardous area approved IBC heating jackets for frost protection, heat up and temperature maintenance of containers. Zone 1 and Zone 2 ATEX certified container heating jackets provide safe electric heating in the presence of potentially explosive gases.

ATEX IBC Heating jackets can be used to help heat up and melt sugars, resins, oils, surfactants, fats, foodstuffs and chemicals.

ATEXIBC’s, commonly referred to as Totes, are extensively used for the transportation and storing of large volume quantities of free flowing materials.

IBC heating jackets provide safe, reliable and precise temperature heating of 1000 litre (275 gallon) containers for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry – this includes heating jackets for 1000 litre containers being stored and serviced in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas where ATEX Certification is required.

Manufactured from custom elastomer and silicone coated glass cloth materials with high density fibreglass insulation providing gentle heating to the container contents to protect against frost and low temperature exposure.

IBC heater jackets also overcome liquid viscosity concerns during Winter cold weather temperatures. Typical applications include the heating of Schutz ECOBULK SX-EX type IBC containers specified for the transportation and storage of hazardous class liquids with a low flash point.


ATEX IBC heaters are suitable for both rigid intermediate bulk containers (RIBC) and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) used in flammable atmospheres. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) are mainly used with powdered, flaked and granular materials and Rigid Intermediate Bulk Containers (RIBC) with liquids.

Typical contents include kerosene oil, central heating fuel and sulphur pump diesel fuel.

See some of the features of the Hazardous Area IBC Heater in our following short presentation video:

➡ For complete specifications, ordering details and hazardous area certifications about IBC Heaters please refer to the product sections below.

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