IBC2 IBC Heating Jacket – 2200W

IBC2 IBC Heater Jacket

IBC2 heater jacket provides evenly distributed electrical heating and frost protection via two 1100W heating circuits each with an adjustable thermostat.

The two circuits operate independently meaning the top and bottom of the jacket can be controlled allowing the user to use just one circuit if only frost protection or low level temperatures are required saving on energy costs.

IBC2 heater jackets are an ideal solution for customers requiring liquids to be heated as rapidly and evenly as possible. Other applications for the IBC2 IBC heating jacket include reduction of viscosity in food stuffs, oils, fats and chemicals.

IBC2 IBC Heating Jacket Technical Specifications

Heating Jacket DimensionsVoltagePower OutputThermostatic ControlPower CableIBC2 Heating Jacket MaterialInsulationHeating ElementIngress Protection
Height – 950mm

Length – 4060-4310mm (adjustable)

Custom size IBC heater jackets are also available, contact T&D for further information

110V or 230V2200W – 2 x 1100W heating circuits-5 to 40ºC or 0 to 90ºC5 metres, 2 x 1mm², PVC insulated sheathed, galvanised steel wire braided, per circuit

Outer Face – single sided hydrolysis resistant, polyurethane coated polyamide substrate with fluorocarbon finish.

Base fabric nylon 66 standard.

Inner Face – custom polyester coated glass cloth

Stitchbonded, needled, non-combustible glassfibre matSilicone rubber insulated spirally wrapped resistance wireAt least IP4x
IBC2 Heater Jacket Features

IBC2 Heater Jacket Features

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