Exp Enclosures | Pressurized Enclosures | Ex px Class I Div 1 | Zone 1 & 21 ATEX Hazardous Areas

Exp Enclosures Pressurized Enclosures

Exp Enclosures Pressurized Enclosures

Exp Enclosures

Pressurized Enclosures

Ex px Class I Div 1 Zone 1 Zone 21 ATEX

IECEx – ATEX Purge & Pressurized Enclosures Ex px Zone 1 (21) IECEx, Category 2 G D ATEX

Expo pressurized enclosures hold IECEx & ATEX Certificates to IEC/EN 60079-0 & 60079-2, Hazardous Area Zone 1, Ex px for populated Expo Purge & Pressurized Enclosures type PE2.

The Exp enclosures  are suitable for applications where there is a potential for hazardous areas with dust as well as gas, ATEX certification can include for Zone 1 (Gas) & Zone 21 (Dust).

The Zone 21 hazardous area certification is to IEC/EN 61241-4 standard Ex p.

The construction and power dissipation of the internal components of the Exp enclosures are critical to ensuring effective purging, compliance with temperature rating and safe operations. All internal components and details must be reviewed with the consultation of Thorne & Derrick to determine compliance with the IECEx / ATEX “Schedule of Limitations” required for the certificate to apply.

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EXP Enclosures

Features & Benefits

  • IECEx – ATEX Certified Purge & Pressurized Enclosure, Type PE2
  • IECEx – ATEX Certified Purge & Pressurization System
  • IECEx &/or ATEX Zone 1 (21) Hazardous Area Certification to IEC/EN 60079-0 & -2 Ex px
  • Where there are Gas & Dust Hazards PE2 can also be certified for both Zone 1 & Zone 21
  • No need for a Certified/Notified Body as the Certificate has been issued to Expo
  • Accept orders for your apparatus in hazardous locations and increase your market share
  • Ease of Certification for the OEM and the User
  • Reduced Certification cost
  • Reduced time to market
  • After review, equipment not complying with the SoL may still be certified with a variation to the Expo Certificate
Exp Enclosures

Exp Enclosures

Pressurized Enclosures

Model Number PE2


  • Sizes: Purpose built and designed for the application
  • Maximum Size: 2.1m H x 1.8m W x 1.0m D Approx: 82″ H x 70″ W x 39″ D Larger sizes are available, please ask!
  • Material: 1.5mm to 3mm dependent on the size of the PE 316L Stainless Steel – Finish: NROB Mild (Carbon) Steel – Finish: Powder Coated RAL7035 (Light Grey)
  • Doors: Front, Back, Side, Top, Bottom or Double doors
  • Door fasteners: Tool Operated 1/4 turn Stainless Steel (does not require a power disconnect door switch) IEC/EN 60079-2
  • Hinges: Stainless Steel
  • Seals: Elastomer seals fully compliant with IEC/EN 60079-0
  • Windows: Polycarbonate Weather Strip or Laminated Glass Weather Strip or Clamped Maximum size up to 1m2 
  • Control Devices & Actuators: Lamps, Push Buttons etc.
  • Sub-panel (Chassis): Rear, Slides, Top, Bottom or Door
  • 19″Rack: Fixed or Swing Frame
  • Mount Bosses
  • Label Slots for Bar code Labels or similar
  • Lifting Eyes
  • Gland Plates
  • Mobile PE2: Anti-Static Wheels
  • Wall Lugs
  • Free Standing
  • Plinths
  • Keyboards, etc

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Exp Enclosures - Pressurized Enclosures Certifications

Exp Enclosures – Pressurized Enclosures Certifications

Certification of PE2 Exp Enclosure

Should you require any technical support to enable the design, specification or customisation of Exp Enclosures for explosive gas (Zone 1) or explosive dust (Zone 21) explosive atmospheres please contact our Hazardous Area Sales Team.

IECEx: Certificate of Conformity: IECEx ITS 08.0044X
ATEX: Certificate of Conformity: ITS1OATEX16944X
Ex px IIC T4 Gb [Zone1]
Ex p IIIC T135°C Db [Zone 21]
Ambient Temp:-20°C, -4°F to 55°C, 131°F
Pressure & Leakage:Test result with each PE2
To IEC/EN 60079-2
Over Pressure Test:18mbarg (7″WC)
To IEC/EN 60079-2
Purge Time10 Volume Changes
Purge Test:Alternatively a Purge Test can be completed to prove effective purging & reduce the Purge Time
Compliance to General Conditions  IEC/EN 60079-0Includes thermal conditioning of Non metallic items, seals, etc, resistance to light testing, impact testing 4 -7 Joules
Schedule of LimitationsRequest SoL PE2, Zone 1 (21)
Instruments & Electrical:Most apparatus installed within the PE2 are normally acceptable
Ex ApparatusPermitted subject to internal temp
Effective PurgingBoxed apparatus will require ventilation holes
Power & Signals inputsMust be disconnected by the MiniPurgeTM system
Temperature Class:T4, T3, T2 dependent on internal and external apparatus
Batteries:Check with Expo. Small memory type batteries may be able to be installed
Internal release of flammable gasNot normally permitted, please  consult. Solutions are available
Verification:Can be completed at the client’s or Expo premises. Expo will supply the verification document and certificate label(s)
Exp Enclosures Hazardous Areas

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