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Ex d Flameproof Solenoid Valves

Flameproof Solenoid Valves

Flameproof Solenoid Valves

ASCO 551, 552 and 553 spool type solenoid valve ranges are Ex d certified for flameproof and explosion proof installations in hazardous area industries. Ex d flameproof solenoid valves are specified throughout the international oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

ASCO 551-553 flameproof solenoid valves valves are also used for sterilisation and pasteurisation in the food and drink industry, valve piloting for the offshore and paper industries and for control of air tightness.

The range of ASCO 551 series flameproof valves are of non-breathing construction and the pilot exhaust is collected in the main valve exhaust to provide water and dust protection.

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What Is Ex d Flameproof?

Ex d flameproof is a type of hazardous area protection in which certified equipment can withstand the pressure developed during an internal explosion of an explosive mixture (liquid, gas or vapour). This prevents the transmission of the explosion to the outside explosive atmosphere surrounding the equipment and operating at such an external temperature that a surrounding explosive gas or vapor will not be ignited there.

Ex d flameproof protection ensures the explosion is contained within certified enclosures but not prevented – the explosion is restricted to the confines of the enclosure permitting standard valves to be installed in hazardous areas when housed in Ex d enclosures. Surfaces of the enclosure must not exceed the ignition temperature of the surrounding gas present in the hazardous area.

This type of protection is referred to as “Ex d” and commonly known as “flameproof”.

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Hazardous Area Flameproof ATEX IECEx Products

Hazardous Area Flameproof ATEX IECEx Products – contact T&D to select, specify or purchase Ex d Flameproof Solenoid Valves.

Ex d FLAMEPROOF solenoid valvesEx d Flameproof Solenoid Valves


ASCO (WS) LPKF low power pilot with Ex d flameproof certification are suitable for use with 551, 552 and 553 series pilot valves – the Ex d valve is available with an aluminium or stainless steel enclosure and with low power consumption of 0.5W at 24VDC. The low wattage solenoid coil reduces battery drain and heat rise consequently minimising wiring costs and delivering energy efficiency savings.

Compatible with ASCO 551-553 valves in aluminium, brass (551 range only) and stainless steel, the solenoid valves have a large flow range of up to 860 litres per minute (551 valves) and 3,800 litres per minute (553 valves).

Ex d certified according to ATEX, IEC Ex and FM the flameproof valves provide highest levels of safety and resistance to aggressive operating environments (hydrocarbons and corrosives) for both onshore and offshore flow control. The housing and cover of the enclosure are in 316L stainless steel or painted aluminium and the valve operator can be rotated 360 degrees to select the best position for cable entry. Electrical connection is via a shielded or unshielded cable gland (1/2 NPT) to access screw terminals. The enclosure is supplied with a plastic exhaust protector fitted as standard – metal exhaust protector optional.

The solenoid valve operators are suitable for use in ambient temperatures from -40C to +60° Celsius and the Ex d flameproof enclosure is rated to 112GEx d IIB + H2 T6, 112DEx tD A21 IP67 T85C, Certification: IEC Ex, ISA and EN 60079-1, 61241-1.

Ex d Solenoid Valves

Selecting & Specifying Ex d Flameproof Solenoid Valves For Process & Hazardous Area Flow Control.

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ASCO 551 Spool Type Solenoid Valves

Suitable For Use In Hazardous Areas

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