Rotronic LDP-FCPB1 Low Dew Point Measurement Chamber

Rotronic LDP-FCPB1 Low Dew Point Measurement Chamber

Rotronic LDP-FCPB1 Low Dew Point Measurement Chamber

Rotronic LDP-FCPB1 measurement chamber is designed for use with the HC2-LDP dew point measurement probe for reliable measurement of trace moisture.

The LDP-FCPB1 measurement chamber has a defined air flow rate and a quick connector for optimum dew point measurement in POM and the base unit can be used for customisation.

Typical applications of the Rotronic HC2-LDP low dew point probe include being used in compressed air systems, refrigeration driers and adsorption driers.

Rotronic HC2-LDP Low Dew Point Probe – Key Features

  • Highly accurate dew point and temperature measurement
  • Withstands pressures up to 100 bar
  • HYGROMER® LDP-1 sensor element
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Trace moisture monitoring at low limits
  • With the latest AirChip4000 measurement technology
  • Compatible with HF5 / HF8 / PF4 transmitters and HP22 / HP23 handhelds

Rotronic LDP-FCPB1 Technical Specifications

Dimensions 40 x 106mm
Weight 140g / 100g
Measuring Range -40…85ºC
Pressure Resistance 16 bar
Air Flow 1 l/min at 8 bar (LDP-FCB1)
Connection G1/2“ thread
Compressed air fitting DN 7.2 (only LDP-FC)
2 x G 1/4“ thread (only LDP-MC)
Housing Base Unit: POM
Brass (fixed valve / quick connector)



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