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Rotronic HC2-LDP Low Dew Point Probe

Rotronic HC2-LDP Low Dew Point Probe

Rotronic - The Dew Point Measurement Specialists

Rotronic – The Dew Point Measurement Specialists

Rotronic Instruments provide accurate measurement of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, process pressure, dew point, flow and relative humidity.

Dew point measurement instruments include probes, transmitters, handhelds, data loggers and sensors.

Dew Point Measurement from Rotronic

  • Rotronic HC2-LDP – Low dew point measuring probe
  • Rotronic HC2-LDP-EX – ATEX certified probe
  • Rotronic LDP-FCPB1 – POM measurement chamber for HC2-LDP probes
  • Rotronic LDP-FCSB1 – Stainless steel measurement chamber for HC2-LDP probes

T&D also distribute Sika temperature calibrators – this includes dry block calibrators and micro calibration baths used to check and calibrate temperature measuring instruments and temperature sensors.

Temperature Measurement

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Rotronic Dew Point Measurement

Rotronic’s low dew point probe provides reliable measurement of trace moisture and comes with the latest AirChip4000 technology. HC2-LDP measurement probes calculate a measurement from the average of 8,000 single points within a 2 second interval and, together with the HYGROMER® LDP-1 dew point sensor, delivers measurements of the highest quality.

Designed to be one probe for portable, fixed and OEM applications it is ideal for compressed air with dew points as low as -60ºC; desiccant or refrigeration dryers.

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