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KROHNE Flowmeters

Thorne & Derrick International are suppliers of KROHNE Flowmeters & Process Instruments for the accurate measurement of flow, level, temperature and pressure in a wide range of hazardous area industries including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, mining and food & beverage – contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

T&D are Specialist Distributors of Process Instrumentation Equipment from market-leading brands – we welcome your enquiries.

  • Flow – flowmeters, flow controllers and flow accessories
  • Pressure – process instruments for pressure and differential pressure applications
  • Level – transmitters, switches, indicators and accessories for level measurement
  • Temperature – assemblies, sensors and transmitters for temperature measurement 


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Process Instrumentation

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KROHNE flowmeters and measurement instruments provide accurate and reliable measurement of liquids, gases and other media (including emulsions, corrosive liquids and gases ) with a range of low/high flow rates.

  • Magnetic Resonance Flowmeters – for the concurrent measurement of oil, gas and water
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeters – based on Faraday’s law of induction allowing the measurement of volume flow of any electrically conductive liquid medium (including low conductivity)
  • Variable Area Flowmeters – suitable for the measurement of pure liquids and gases in hazardous areas
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters – transit-time difference method is used to exploit the transmission speed of an ultrasonic signal depending on the flow velocity of the liquid or gaseous medium
  • Mass Flowmeters – using Coriolis principle measuring mass flow, density and temperature of liquids and gases as well as calculating the volume flow and mass or volume concentration with a single instrument
  • Vortex Flowmeters – uses Kármán vortex street principle and can operate under various temperature and pressure conditions measuring the volume flow of conducting and non-conducting liquids, gases and steam

For further information about KROHNE Flowmeters, please refer to the download opposite and contact T&D to discuss your flow measurement application.


Ultrasonic Flowmeter For Hazardous Areas

Hazardous Area Location Marking

  • USA Class I, DIV1, Gps ABCD, Class II, DIV1, Gps EFG, Class III, DIV1
  • Canada Class I, DIV1, Gps CD, Class II, DIV1, Gps EFG, Class III, DIV1 b

KROHNE Flowmeters

Flow Measurement – KROHNE Flowmeters

KROHNE Level Measurement

KROHNE level transmitters and switches provide accurate cost effective solutions for high temperature or pressure environments when in use with solids, liquids and dense vapours.

  • Non-Contact Level Meters:
  1. Frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) non contact radar transmitter emits and reflects back a high frequency signal allowing for continuous level measurement of liquids, pastes, granulates, powders and other solids for a range of industries and applications
  2. Ultrasonic emits pulses which are reflected from the product surface and received aiding contactless and continuous level measurement of liquids and solids in chemical and wastewater industries
  • Contact Level Meters:
  1. Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) contact radar transmitter emits and reflects back via a rigid or flexible conductor for continuous level measurement of liquids, pastes, granulates, powders and liquid interface in industries
  • Level Switches:
  1. Vibration Level Switches show whether a liquid or solid is present when either come in contact with their vibrating forks and dampens their oscillation
  2. Electromagnetic Level Switches suitable for level detection of liquids by using the phase shift that occurs when electromagnetic waves are emitted to a medium

For further information about KROHNE Level Transmitters & Switches, please refer to the download opposite and contact T&D to discuss your level measurement application.

KROHNE Level Transmitters & Switches

Level Measurement – KROHNE Level Transmitters & Switches

KROHNE Temperature Measurement

KROHNE temperature assemblies and transmitters provide flexible temperature measurement to suit the users requirements and specific applications.

  • Temperature Assemblies – can be standard prefitted or custom made for solid, liquid, gaseous and steaming mediums with some assemblies suitable for hazardous areas.
  • Temperature Transmitters – can be built in to the head of a temperature assembly that changes the susceptible thermometer signal into a stable one directly at the measurement point and can offer high accuracy temperature measurement in a wide variety of applications within process industries including hazardous areas.

For further information about KROHNE Temperature Assemblies & Transmitters, please refer to the download opposite and contact T&D to discuss your temperature measurement application.

KROHNE Temperature Assemblies & Transmitters

Temperature Measurement – KROHNE Temperature Assemblies & Transmitters

KROHNE Pressure Measurement

KROHNE pressure transmitters offer unrivaled quality and constantly evolving absolute and differential pressure measurement portfolio to suit a range of industrial process applications.

  • Pressure Transmitters
  1. Process Pressure Transmitters – suitable for the measurement of pressure in pipes or vessels using ceramic, metallic and DP measuring cells
  2. Differential Pressure Transmitters – suitable for the measurement of differential pressure used to measure the volume or mass flow of liquids gases or steam
  3. Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitters – used to accurately measure level or density of a liquid in a vessel for the hydrostatic level measurement of corrosive and non-corrosive liquids and slurries

For further information about KROHNE Pressure Transmitters, please refer to the download opposite and contact T&D to discuss your pressure measurement application.

KROHNE Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Measurement – KROHNE Pressure Transmitters


Since their foundation in 1921, KROHNE has manufactured and supplied numerous solutions in industrial process instrumentation. KROHNE has advanced from an instrument manufacturer to a solution provider spanning a range of industries and applications now employing over 3600 employees.

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