Safely Illuminating Difficult To Access Areas On North Sea Oil Rigs With Wolf WL-50 Mini Worklite

Published 18 Feb 2021

ATEX IECEx LED Mini Worklite | Wolf WL-50

ATEX IECEx LED Rechargeable Mini Worklite | Wolf WL-50

Wolf WL-50 Mini Worklite

Hazardous Area Lighting

When the operators of one of a major oil company’s North Sea oil rigs needed to safely illuminate some of the darkest, most difficult hazardous areas on board the platform they came to Wolf Safety Lamp to solve the problem.

Wolf’s ATEX LED Rechargeable Mini Worklite successfully solves the problem of illuminating dark, difficult-to-access spaces on board North Sea oil rigs.

The Lighting Challenge

With only a 440V power supply being available on the rig, operators needed a lightweight, battery powered ATEX Zone 1 certified lamp. It had to be bright enough to illuminate the work areas, and sufficiently lightweight to move around the platform easily. The battery duration should be long enough for the light to work for a full shift, and the recharge time should be no more than eight hours.

The lights currently being used were not bright enough, and were too heavy for operators to easily move around the rig.

It was clear to everybody that a new solution was needed so Wolf Safety was approached to provide a solution.

The WL-50 illuminates a particularly dark and inaccessible area of the rig

The WL-50 illuminates a particularly dark and inaccessible area of the rig

The Lighting Solution

Just weeks after the first contact David Lyon, Wolf’s Sales Manager (Scotland), made a presentation to 5 of the oil company’s key decision makers who agreed to recommend the new WL-50 ATEX LED Mini Worklite™ to their Oil & Gas Maintenance Contractor for trials on one of their North Sea platforms.

A few weeks after that, and following a product demonstration to 7 of the contractor’s key personnel, details for an offshore trial were agreed by all parties.

Before and After! Just one lamp can make all the difference

Before and After! Just one lamp can make all the difference


The month long trial was highly successful, with the work light being very well received by both the contractor and the operator.

Operators on a North Sea oil rig were delighted with the performance of the WL-50 ATEX/IECEx LED Mini Worlkite™ during recent trials.

Their official report stated the: ‘Overall rating of this light is excellent.’

Its key features were described in the report as:

  • Lightweight
  • Bright
  • Wireless
  • Versatile
  • Long Battery Life (up to 8 hours including breaks)
The official report stated Overall rating of this light is excellent

The official report stated Overall rating of this light is excellent

The ATEX & IECEx certified WL-50 & WL-50HT light weight mini Worklite™ from Wolf is a high output LED floodlight for use in harsh, remote and hazardous area lighting applications. They are easy to carry, rechargeable and at just over 9kgs, it weighs around half the weight of the WL-80 and WL-85 worklites, while providing the same outstanding level of light.

Building on the success of the market leading Wolf Worklites and Floodlites, the WL-50 shares the same strong, robust and proven powder coated die-cast construction as the Wolf LinkEx range.

Wolf Safety Lamp Hazardous Area Lighting

Wolf Safety Lamp Hazardous Area Lighting

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