ATEX Lighting Using LED Technology | Appleton™ Lighting Retrofit Calculator

Published 10 Jun 2020


lIGHTING Hazardous Areas

There is an international trend in the global hazardous area industry sector to upgrade conventional hazardous area lighting to use energy-efficient LED lighting technology with ATEX certification.

Calculate maintenance, energy and environmental savings achieved by upgrading to Appleton LED luminaires with this interactive lighting retrofit calculator tool.

The Appleton Lighting Retrofit Calculator helps users visualise savings accomplished by retrofitting their current lighting system to an Appleton LED solution.

1. Input existing costs associated with maintaining current legacy lighting installation (high intensity discharge (HID), fluorescent, incandescent). Costs include labour for maintenance personnel, electricity, replacement lamps and ballasts, and equipment rental to perform lighting maintenance. Select an Appleton LED solution.

2. Once the data is entered, compare existing costs to proposed Appleton LED solution and see the reduced environmental impact.

3. You can download the calculator results or share via e-mail

The image below shows the information that is required to use the Lighting Retrofit Calculator effectively. To use the calculator click here.

Appleton Lighting Retrofit Calculator

Appleton Lighting Retrofit Calculator


Lighting Retrofit Calculator

Lighting Retrofit Calculator

Hazardous Area Lighting


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