ATEX Doors – High Speed Roll-up Doors for Hazardous Areas & Explosive Atmospheres

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ATEX Doors - High Speed Roll-up Doors

ATEX Doors – High Speed Roll up Doors

ATEX Doors

High Speed Roll-up Doors for Hazardous Areas & Explosive Atmospheres

Dynaco ATEX doors are high speed roll up doors suitable for Zone 1 & Zone 21 (Gas) and Zone 2 & Zone 22 (Dust) hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres.

Dynaco S-5 ATEX door range conforms to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU allowing access toATEX explosion sensitive zones and is suitable for use in the following industries; chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, farming, food processing, textile, industrial painting and spray booths.

The Dynaco S-5 ATEX door assures maximum safety with all materials suitable for explosion sensitive environments.

ATEX zones require specific explosion proof equipment, extra safety measures, special certifications and inspections etc. Dynaco S-5 ATEX doors help to reduce ATEX related costs such as partitioning of different zones and therefore reducing the surface area that must meet ATEX requirements to a minimum. The high speed roll up doors have a reduced footprint requiring little space and all come with an official certificate.

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ATEX Doors

ATEX Doors

Installing a Dynaco ATEX high speed roll up door offers many advantages.

Doors Features

  • Energy savings
  • Improved working conditions
  • Uninterrupted workflow self-reinserting block, self-reinserting curtain with unique zipper and no downtime in case of accidental hit
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Smooth & continuous operating conditions using unique push-pull technology, frequecnt driven motor and encoder meaning the door always stops in the right position
  • Increased safety of people and products thanks to no rigid elements, flexible curtains & easy to install
  • Pre-assembled with a door unique certificate & inspected by external notified body
  • Reduced ATEX related costs thanks to partitioning possibilities
ATEX Zones

ATEX Zones


Energy Savings

Dynaco ATEX doors conserve energy in two crucial ways. Firstly, the unique push pull design provides the shortest open time in the industry. Fast cycle times significantly reduces transfer of conditioned air. Additionally, Dynaco incorporates patented seal technology which provides the tightest seal possible around the full perimeter of the door.

Cost Savings

High speed roll up doors are provided with a patented re-insertion system. When dislodged, the curtain automatically returns into its side guides, without the need of intervention. This way, you can avoid costly downtime and time-consuming technical interventions.


Dynaco doors contain very limited wearing parts. The strong and flexible curtain is very resistant. Dynaco ATEX doors can operate during hundreds of thousands opening cycles. Investing in a Dynaco door will ease your life for a very long time.

High Efficiency

Dynaco offers a wide range of opening commands. Automatic opening and closing results in considerable time savings and improves the efficiency of your daily operations.

Extreme Safety

Free of rigid components, Dynaco’s soft, flexible curtain cannot injure an unprotected person who accidentally impacts the door. The soft curtain also presents no risk to an unsuspecting person on the opposite side of an impacted door.

Uninterrupted workflow thanks to self-reinserting curtain with unique zipper

Uninterrupted workflow thanks to self-reinserting curtain with unique zipper

ATEX Doors – Technical Features

Stainless Steel Structure

  • Parts have been thoroughly reviewed and validated
  • All metal parts are made of stainless steel
  • Including stainless steel drums, covers, bearings and gearwheels
  • Standard earthing kit

💡 All individual parts of a Dynaco S-5 ATEX door conform to the official ATEX Standards

Stainless Steel Structure

Stainless Steel Structure

Antistatic Materials

  • All non-metallic parts with a surface larger than 20cm² are replaced by antistatic or conductive materials
  • Bottom edge detector and photocells are protected via an intrinsically safe barrier (Ex i)
  • Includes complete door curtain and pulley in antistatic material

ATEX Certification


ATEX Doors

The S-5 ATEX Door is certified:



1.EU Type certification

CE0029 APRAGAZ 16 ATEX 0150 X/1 (Category 3)  CE0029 APRAGAZ 17 ATEX 0157 X (Category 2)



  1. Every door is pre-mounted and checked
  2. Every door is inspected by a European accredited notified body
  3. Every door is getting a declaration of conformity:
    – unique for each door (Serial Number)
    – certificate by Notified Body CE0029 Apragaz
Dynaco ATEX Doors

Dynaco ATEX Doors