ATEX LED Lighting Solutions Engineered for Demanding Environments

Published 18 Mar 2022

ATEX LED Lighting Solutions

ATEX LED Lighting Solutions

ATEX LED Lighting Solutions

Appleton™ LED Luminaires

Emerson together with Thorne & Derrick understand the need for reliable ATEX LED lighting solutions that deliver superior illumination for safer, more productive environments. Whether upgrading a plant’s legacy lighting system or designing a new facility, count on our LED lighting solutions.

Whether upgrading a plant’s legacy lighting system or designing a new facility, you can count on Appleton LED hazardous area lighting solutions.

That is together we are constantly striving to improve your operational performance by protecting you and your equipment, with the latest in today’s LED lighting technology. Appleton™ LED luminaires are designed to deliver superior illumination with unparalleled protection and operate across your facility without incident.

For proper illumination in extreme conditions, you need a lighting manufacturer who engineers their ATEX LED lighting to ensure optimal light dispersion; creating more usable light. From area to task, flood to emergency, the Appleton LED luminaires maximise usable light enabling you to work safely and comfortably.


We also recognise the importance of having LED solutions that are correctly certified for your geographic location and environment. Whether your geography requires ATEX, ATEX/IECEx, NEC or CEC certification, our regulatory involvement, technical expertise and range of LED luminaires solve the challenges of outfitting your facilities.

➡ Thorne & Derrick’s sales engineers together with the support of the Appleton technical team continue to deliver unparalleled innovative advancements in LED lighting, making Emerson the right choice for harsh industrial or hazardous location luminaires.

Lighting Applications

Luminaires are commonly categorized according to the type of lighting application, lumen level or mounting height. Choosing the right luminaire based on application is critical for providing safe and comfortable light.

Task Lighting
Task lighting provides illumination to accomplish a specific task, such as reading a meter or gauge or safely lighting a walkway. Typical mounting heights are 3 meters (10 feet) or less.
Task Lighting
Low Bay or Area Lighting
Low bay or area lighting provides illumination of areas with mounting heights up to 6 meters (20 feet). Typical
applications require less than 10,000 lumens, which is closest to a traditional 250 Watt High Intensity Discharge
(HID) luminaire.
Low Bay or Area Lighting
High Bay Lighting
High bay is used to describe lighting applications with mounting heights over 6 meters (20 feet). The locations to be lit normally require greater than 10,000 lumens. Typical applications might include; warehouses, wastewater
treatment facilities, production or processing plants, storages areas or foundries.
High Bay Lighting
Flood Lighting
Flood lighting uses a broad light spread to illuminate a wide area or a focused beam to project light over a great
distance. Mounting heights are usually 6 meters (20 feet) or higher. Flood lighting provides safe and secure lighting. Common applications include tank farms, loading docks and perimeter fence line lighting.
Flood Lighting

Lighting Services

Lighting Layouts

Together with Emerson’s Lighting Applications Engineers Thorne & Derrick can design a professional solution to accommodate your diverse lighting needs. We design single rooms, whole floors, entire buildings and outdoor projects. Contact us today to find out more.

DIALux™ and the Appleton Plug-In

DIALux is one of the world’s leading software programs for planning, calculating and visualizing light. The complimentary Appleton Plug-In contains IES files for Appleton luminaires. Users have the ability to search for a specific solution according to area classification, light source, mounting type or available globe option. Designers have the freedom to customize their lighting solutions by downloading the free software and the Appleton Plug-In at

Sample The Solutions

Installing a sample is the best method to evaluate a luminaire’s suitability for a particular application or location. Try one out by contacting T&D to request a sample today.


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