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Published 07 Sep 2020

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Distillery Lighting

Explosive Atmosphere & Hazardous Area Lighting Solutions

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are Preferred Distributors and Stockists for the Raytec SPARTAN range of ATEX lighting using LED technology for the illumination of hazardous area locations and potentially explosive atmospheres.

SPARTAN Linear, manufactured in the North East of England by Raytec, offers the ideal LED lighting solution for new installations, or as a retrofit for existing fluorescent luminaires.

Recently, Raytec supplied the Irish American Whiskey Distillery with our SPARTAN Linear and High-Power Flood luminaires, which now provide the distillery with quality illumination throughout the site.

With the distillery being part of the Irish Whiskey tour, all fittings were painted white and supplied with 4,000K LEDs to fit in with the aesthetics of the building. A number of emergency variants were also installed to provide back-up illumination.

Raytec Spartan in DistilleryRaytec Spartan

Distillery Lighting

Raytec Spartan in Distillery


Industry leading manufacturers of Lighting Products for hazardous areas | Raytec

SPARTAN is a full range of Ex LED luminaires and lighting approved for all ATEX and IEC Ex Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous area environments, including UL /CSA C1D2 installations. The hazardous area lighting products are designed for the most extreme environments – Flood, Linear, Bulkhead, Bay and Crane luminaires with emergency and industrial lighting versions are also available from Thorne & Derrick International.

Hazardous Area Lighting Design

Thorne & Derrick’s hazardous area lighting design service is completely free of charge, providing you with a visual 3D representation of the final lighting solution, with detailed lux levels and a true indication of lighting performance. Our lighting design experts will guide you through the entire process, ensuring the optimum lighting solution is achieved.

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leaders in ATEX Innovation To The Hazardous Area Industries

Thorne & Derrick are leaders in the development and distribution of Product Innovations that deliver significant improvements to clients plant, people and operational safety in the explosive atmosphere industries.

Your proactive problem solvers experienced in succession planning for the replacement of obsolete, non-conformant and legacy equipment in hazardous areas.

Your first-choice provider of innovative and competitive solutions to ensure ATEX & IECEx Compliance for Hazardous Area Electrical, HVAC & Process Instrumentation Equipment to UK and international projects.

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