Ex d Flameproof v Explosion Proof

Published 29 Apr 2020

Explosion Protection Ex d

Hazardous Area Ex Professionals

A Masterclass Webinar In Explosion Protection

Presented & Hosted By Mike Marrington | Partner at IndEx Middle East FZE

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Uploaded By Chris Dodds | Sales Marketing Manager at Thorne & Derrick 

In this Webinar Mike provides an authoritative and technical presentation covering the complexity of the Explosion Protection Concept Ex d – an expert and essential session for professionals involved in hazardous areas the resource covers:

  • What are the 2 different types of Ex d?
  • What is the difference between Flameproof & Explosion Proof (XP)?
  • Can I freely use one or the other?
  • What is and where is the flamepath?
  • What new ideas are there for Ex d?
  • Q&A session

Run Time 1:30:24

Hazardous Area Ex Professionals

Experts | 20+ Years of Experience in Explosion Protection

IndEx Middle East FZE

IndEx Middle East FZE are an internationally accredited IECEx compliance service provider to hazardous areas engineering in the Gulf Region. IndEx Middle East is an accredited IECEx compliance service provider – the first one in the Middle East offering full IECEx compliance services from the initial project concept to handover. IndEx deliver full IECEx scheme compliance services, competence training and equipment assessment based upon the latest IEC international standards – this includes the inspection and audit of existing brownfield installations and Ex rated equipment. Assisting and sharing responsibility in the determination of proper hazardous area located Ex rated equipment and installations with project and site based maintenance personnel. Get in touch.

Hazardous Area Classification HAC

Hazardous Areas

Gases, vapours, mists and dusts can all form potentially explosive atmospheres with air.

Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) is used to identify places where, because of the potential for an explosive atmosphere, special precautions over sources of ignition are needed to prevent fires and explosions. Hazardous area classification should be carried out to identify places (or areas) where controls over ignition sources are needed and those places where they are not. Hazardous areas are further classified into Zones / Class & Divisions / Classes & Zones, which distinguish between places that have a high chance of an explosive atmosphere occurring and those places where an explosive atmosphere may only occur occasionally or in abnormal circumstances. Learn more.Hazardous Areas

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T&D are your first-choice provider of innovative and competitive solutions to ensure ATEX & IECEx Compliance for Hazardous Area Electrical, HVAC & Process Instrumentation Equipment to your UK and international projects.

We can specify and supply from stock an extensive range of Explosion Proof Ex d Equipment to provide safe flameproof lighting, power distribution, isolation and cable termination in explosive atmospheres.

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