Empteezy – Drum & IBC Storage, Spill Containment & Control


Spill Containment & Prevention For IBC Containers & Drums

Drum IBC - Spill Pallets Sump Pallets

Drum & IBC Spill Pallets (Sump Pallets)

Empteezy spill containment and spill control products are uniquely designed to meet the exact requirements for many different applications including industrial, commercial, military, educational and hazardous area working environments.

For 30 years, Empteezy have been designing and manufacturing products for the safe handling and storage of liquids from spill kits to spill pallets for the storage of drum and IBCs.

Empteezy manufacture over 400 spill control, containment and prevention products from four manufacturing sites.

Empteezy meet all the UK, EU and International Standards on the containment and control of liquids and are proud to be the only company in their sector to be accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 International Standards.

Empteezy - Drum & IBC Storage & Spill Containment & Control

Empteezy – Drum & IBC Storage, Spill Containment & Control. Oil & Chemical Storage.


Drum & IBC Storage & Spill Containment & Control

Empteezy offer quality engineered solutions that meet legislation requirements and help to maintain best practices for storing oil and chemicals in a range of different industries.

Empteezy Key Products

  • Spill Pallets – Drum & IBC
  • Sump Flooring
  • Bunded Stores – Drum, IBC & Combination
  • Gas Cylinder Stores
  • Indoor & Outdoor Chemical Stores

Managing and storing industrial and hazardous waste correctly is simplified by Empteezy products. Waste storage necessitates separation of types of both non-hazardous and hazardous waste:

  • Hazardous Waste & Non-Hazardous Waste
  • Different Types Of Non-Hazardous Waste
  • Different Types Of Hazardous Waste
  • Different Types Of Waste Oil

In addition to the above you must ensure that you manage your waste securely and safely:

  • Store waste in a secure place
  • Use containers that won’t let the waste leak
  • Correctly label all containers so they are clearly marked with what is inside
  • Ensure waste is covered to stop any from blowing away and use waterproof covers to stop contamination if it rains
  • Keep liquid hazardous waste in a dedicated area, with a bund or barrier to stop liquid leaking into drains, causing ground contamination or any other type of environmental or health & safety issue
Empteezy Steel Drum Spill Pallets For Spill Containment & Control

Empteezy Steel Drum Spill Pallets For Spill Containment & Control

Introduction to Waste Handling Attachments

Empteezy Chemstor - Steel Indoor or Outdoor Chemical Stores

Empteezy Chemstor – Steel Indoor or Outdoor Chemical Stores

Empteezy Chemstor Secure Chemical Stores

Empteezy have developed a range of chemical stores suitable for storing flammable liquids including solvents, lubricants and paints. The Chemstor range of secure chemical stores allow the user to keep leaks, spills and pollution problems to a minimum as they can control and manage stock safely.

Chemstor storage units are available in different sizes subject to how many 25L drums or chemical cans can be safely stored on the bunded flooring or shelves and also have walk in stores as well as standard units.

Chemstor Secure Chemical Stores Product Range

  • CS1 – Single bulk head door 775mm wide, cam gear lock & 2 sets of double shelves (walk in)
  • CS2 – Single bulk head door 1250mm wide, cam gear lock & 2 sets of double shelves (walk in)
  • CS3 – Twin sliding doors, 3 shelves & grid mesh (standard)
  • CS4 – Twin sliding doors, 2 shelves & grid mesh (standard)
  • CS5 – Double hinged lockable doors for 5 litre or 25 litre cans (standard)
  • CS6 – Single bulk head door 1250mm wide, cam gear lock, 3 sets of double shelves (walk in)

The chemical store units are constructed with mild steel and are supplied with a fully seam welded sump to keep leaks and spills to a minimum. The sumps are compliant with the 25% of the total of the containers stored rule. Natural ventilation is provided with both high and low vents with flame arrester protection.

Why Correct Site Storage is important?

Poor storage of liquids can have a devastating affect on your business and it’s surrounding area. Following the Oil Storage Regulations is a legal requirement and can help to eradicate the potential hazards to the health, safety and environment.

Empteezy’s products help to reduce the risk the of a pollution incident by offering a range of spill containment equipment such as spill pallets for drum & IBC, sump flooring, bunded stores (drum, IBC and contamination), gas cylinder stores and indoor &  outdoor chemical stores.

Ensuring the correct product is selected well help to offer maximum protection for instance using plastic spill pallets for indoor applications, double skinned storage tanks for bulk liquids and using bunded drum and IBC stores that are suitable for outside use thanks to the addition of fully seam welded sumps.

To ensure you have the correct system in place to store your products answer the following questions:

  • Identify the liquids what exactly will be stored?
  • What are the risks if any attached to the liquids in question e.g risk of explosion, fire etc?
  • Do any of the liquids need to be stored apart?
  • How many litres of each product do you want to store?
  • How are you planning to storing? Bulk store or by using drums or IBC’s?
  • Outside or indoor storage for the liquids?
  • If indoor are they any problems with entering the location?
  • If outside is there any chance of pollutants affecting the storage e.g drains or a water course in the area?
  • How will the liquids be delivered to site?
  • How will they be moved around the site?
Empteezy - Spill Control Containment Drum IBC Sump Pallets

Empteezy – Spill Control Containment & Drum IBC Spill Pallets

About Empteezy

Founded in 1986, Empteezy continue to develop and manufacture drum/IBC stores for oils and chemicals, spill trays and drum/IBC spill pallets that meet the latest legislation on the control and containment of liquids.

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Since 1985 T&D have serviced the UK and world markets with an extensive range of Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment – our Export Department is staffed by a team of professional sales engineers, sourcing specialists, expeditors and customer service advisors.

T&D global project experience has enabled us to build a solid reputation for the reliable supply of brand leaders – we consolidate your supply chain by providing single-source logistics to any international destination.

See how Thorne & Derrick service and support our key global markets and hazardous area industries in the following SlideShelf of Industry Infographics.

  • Measurement – Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, CO2
  • Gas Detectors (Industrial), Leak Detection (Refrigerant) & Analyzers
  • Heat Tracing Systems & Trace Heating Cables
  • Heaters – Drum, IBC, Tank, Immersion & Process
  • Valves, Gauges, Sensors & Monitors
  • Meters – Flow, Water, Gas, Heat & Energy
  • Surface Heating Elements, Mats & Pads
  • Hazardous Area Power Distribution, Lighting & Enclosures

Integrity, Values & Trust. T&D are a world-class business committed to ensuring the correct installation and application of all products we distribute. Where applicable installer training and support services including site surveys can be made available.