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Patol manufacture heat detection cables, heat sensors and flame sensors – applications include power generation, heavy industry, underground rail systems/tunnels, conveyors, escalators food processing and hazardous area heat detection.

Patol Cables, Detectors and Sensors provide early warning and detection for heat and flames and avoid fire.

Patol fire detection

Fire detection cables and sensors need to be able to detect heat and flame quickly and reliably with minimum maintenance and false alarms. Fast acting fire detection cables reduce damage to plant and equipment minimising the repair and replacement costs – furthermore plant downtime, consequential losses, pollution and toxic fume emissions are minimised by the implementation of effective fire and heat detection cables or sensing equipment.

Fire outbreak caused by overheating cables caused by short-circuits, electrical malfunctions or external factors can be detected using heat detection cables – effective and early detection of heat triggering fire sprinkler operation by actuation signals can aid the control and extinguishing of fire.

Each zone to be protected would require a length of Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) and a zone monitor – the length of detection cable in any zone is determined by physical installation constraints and typical cable circuit lengths of 500 metres. The heat and fire detection monitor may be located in or adjacent to the zone providing repeat signals to the control area in event of heat, flame or fire detection. A multi-zone detection panel can be installed in a central location connected via suitable interposing cables to the LHDC detection cable and fire extinguishing control circuits.

Patol Heat, Flame & Fire Sensors, Detectors & Cables

Patol Heat, Flame & Fire Sensors, Detectors & Cables

Heat Detectors

Patol IR Infrared Heat Detector

Patol 5000 heat sensors are IR infrared conveyor heat detectors with early warning heat sensors which can trigger and detect temperatures at 100° Celsius when monitoring materials transported on conveyor systems before they reach ember or flame condition. The 8 detector enhanced IR infrared fire detection and heat monitoring sensor has been developed to detect black heat – the Patol 5000 detector detects a fluctuation in black heat emissions even at relatively low temperatures when the conveyed material moves through its view field.

Fire detection products are used particularly for the monitoring of conveyor belts in industries such as food production and assembly lines. Conveyor belts can be particularly susceptible to the risk of fire due to excessive heat, worn parts or damaged belt rollers.

As conveyor belt fires cannot always be easily accessed or noticed, it is vital to have accurate fire detection in place. In addition, if the conveyor belt forms part of a food production plant it is vital there is not contact from the fire detection unit with the food to avoid contamination. This makes the Patol infrared fire detection and heat sensors the perfect choice.

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Patol Heat Detectors - Waste Recycling Plant.

Patol Heat Detectors – Waste Recycling Plant. IR infrared heat detection for monitoring waste on conveyor systems.

Heat Detection Cables

Patol Linear Heat Detection Cable

Patol linear heat detecting cables for fire protection and detecting fire and heat around plant and machinery – heat detection cables provide early detection of fire conditions and overheating in circumstances where traditional fire detection alarms and sensors would not be viable. Extensive single zonal lengths of Patol LHDC fire detection cables can be installed to detect fire and trigger alarms upon detection of hot spots on small sections of the overall heat detection cable circuit.

Patol Heat Detection Cable (Linear) - Road Tunnel

Patol Heat Detection Cable (Linear) – Road Tunnel

Fire Detection Heat Detection Cables - Patol

Patol Fire & Heat Detection Cables (Digital, Analogue, or Fiber Optic) providing fire protection to aerosol fire suppression systems.


Patol IR Infrared Long Heat Detector

IR infrared long range flame detectors (over 100 metres distance) for fire detection within overall space of buildings. Patol 7000 flame detectors provide long range flame detection for the fire protection of large enclosed or open spaces – specified for potential fire hazards from volatile materials such as recycling waste. The flame detector features enhanced IR infrared monitoring technology that analyses levels of IR emission in specific bands – the unique “signature”  of a flame condition can be recognised whilst “background” and “transient” IR spectra are discriminated.

    • Infrared – IR infrared heat, flame and fire detection products incorporate air knives to maintain the optics free from dust and reduce maintenance requirements.
Patol Heat & Flame Detectors - Hazardous Area Locations & Petro-Chemical

Patol Heat & Flame Detectors – Hazardous Area Locations & Petro-Chemical


Founded in 1968 Patol is privately owned British company and global leader in the design and manufacture of specialist heat, flame and fire detection products for industrial and hazardous area industries – their products are specified and trusted by leading UK and global Fire Protection companies.

Fire Detection

Fire Detection: Patol Fire Protection Systems Detect Heat Improving Fire Safety – Protecting People & Plant

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