Patol Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable (Fire & Heat Detecting Cables)

Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable

Patol Heat Detection Cables – Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC)

Fire & Heat Detection Cables.

Patol digital heat detection cable provides early detection of fire, heat and overheating in applications where other cable would not be viable.

The cable operates at a fixed temperature, is non-resettable and comprises a twisted pair, two core cable with each core a tinned copper coated spring steel conductor with special heat reactive polymer insulation.

Digital linear heat detection cable operates by reacting to fire and heat and is used in conjunction with an end of line terminating device for continuity monitoring and a zone monitoring controller to provide outputs for fire and fault.

Patol digital linear heat detection cable

product construction

The Patol digital linear heat detection cable comprises a pair of twisted pair of twin core cable. Each core is manufactured from a tinned copper core spring steel and features special heat reactive insulation.

In addition the cable features an overall protective jacket/sheath.

Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable – Product Specifications

Number of Cores: 2

Alarm Temperature:

  • 700-070 = 70°C
  • 700-090 = 90°C
  • 700-180 = 180°C

Max Ambient Temperature:

  • 700-070 = 45°C
  • 700-090 = 70°C
  • 700-180 = 150°C

Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°C

Minimum Installation Temperature: -10°C

Cable Outer Sheath:

  • Nylon (70°C & 90°C – Black)*
  • Hytrel (180°C – Violet)*
  • Nylon with Stainless Steel Armour*

Voltage Rating: 150 Vdc (Dielectric Test 500Vdc)

Cable Outer Diameter:

Nylon 4.0mm ± 0.3mm

Nylon & Stainless Steel Armour 4.5 ± 0.3mm


  • Standard heat detection cable -1km on the reel 21kg
  • Armoured heat detection cable cable – 500m on the reel 34kg

Heat Detection Cable Approval: UL Listed (180°C Pending)

Fire Detection Heat Detection Cables - Patol

Patol Fire & Heat Detection Cables (Digital, Analogue, or Fiber Optic) providing fire protection to aerosol fire suppression systems.


Digital heat detection cable responds to small flame within 10 seconds of detection – the reactive polymer insulators melt at a specified alarm temperature to provide advance warning and early fire detection. The twin inner conductors fuse together causing a switched circuit. The detecting cable is continuously monitored and provides Open Circuit (Fault) and Short Circuit (Fire) notification by inclusion of an End of Line device (EOL).

  • Patol 700-070 Cable – 70°C Fire Alarm Temp, 45°C Max Ambient Heat
  • Patol 700-090 Cable – 90°C Fire Alarm Temp, 70°C Max Ambient Heat
  • Patol 700-071* Cable – 70°C Fire Alarm Temp, 45°C Max Ambient Heat
  • Patol 700-091* Cable – 90°C Fire Alarm Temp, 70°C Max Ambient Heat

*Patol LHDC cables with stainless steel overbraid connected to earth to eliminate electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Patol End of Line (EOL) with integral fire and fault test switches can be mounted in a convenient location to enable routine maintenance/testing of the fire and heat detection systems back to the control room.


Patol Fire & Heat Detection Cables

Patol – Detecting Fire & Heat In Hazardous Areas. Image : Shell.

Patol LHDC heat detection cables are suitable for use in hazardous areas by means of intrinsically safe (IS) zener barriers and locating controllers in the safe area. Similarly, when the fire protected area is remote from the monitoring equipment, interposing cables can be installed between the monitoring equipment and the heat detection cables.

Patol cables protect hazardous area workspaces from the threat of fire cause by the ignition of flammable gases, liquids or vapours – linear heat detection cables provide fire safety for gas storage tank farms (pictured).

Patol SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level) approved controllers can be used in conjunction with ATEX approved I.S. barrier to further ensure the safety of the fire and heat detection system for a hazardous area.

IS (Intrinsic Safety) is a protection technique for the safe operation of electronic equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres and hazardous areas using IS Barriers.

 ➡ Read Patol Guest Blog: Conveyor Fire Detection – Prevents Fires & Downtime With Patol Detection Cables.

There are thousands of conveyor systems all around the globe, all needing a specialist fire detection system capable of stopping any product at the combustion stage from getting further into any plant, holding hoppers, blending/crushing areas or causing damage to the belt itself.

Patol Fire Heat Detection Cables

➡ Did you know? Thorne & Derrick are heating specialists with over 20 years experience supplying heaters and heating products for hazardous areas with ATEX and IECEx certifications. Thermon heat trace cable provides optimum temperature maintenance, frost protection and process heating for industrial and hazardous area pipework.

T&D, The Industrial & Hazardous Area Heating Specialists

T&D, The Industrial & Hazardous Area Heating Specialists

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